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The boys and I were on our usual walkabout and black audi car pulled over to side of the road in front of us. This was not the usual Idaho pickup truck but a shiny sporty black maufia looking car. The man gets out of the car and proceeds to ask all the usual questions about the breed of the goats. I state they are Oberhasli and they state "Oh what?" At least he was sensitive to fact that "you probably get these questions all the time". This man had recently done a week long trip in the Beartooth range in MT above Yellowstone. He said he was through with horses. He then stated my boys "would make great packgoats, you know goats are the perfect answer." I did not tell him they were packgoats. Usually I do not mention packgoats until I'm relatively sure the person I'm talking to knows what a goat is. This is the first person in 3 years that pulled over and knew the word packgoat. Packgoats, the perfect answer, the word is spreading.
IdahoNancy Oberpacker
Great post! Those that have packed with horses either get it or they don' seems that there is nothing in between.

I grew up with both horses & goats...I love both. That said, I have personally packed with horses on a few occasions...not a fan anymore. My last trip (last May) on a two day, 19 mile trip with 4000 ft elevation up & 4000 ft down with no water sources convinced me that I was done with them & I would have goats next time. I now have my first two and am looking for just the right two additional while I raise up my 4 new kids that I have ordered for next spring.

Take care!

1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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