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Well it WAS freezing!! Took 6 goats had lots of fun except for trying to sleep in a raggedy tent trailer with lots of air natural conditioning. Found some packing tape to try to fix ripped canvas. HA!
By the 3rd night someone in our show group heard about it somehow and graciously invited us into her home for the night, complete with real heat!!
Anyway the same ones who did so great last fall (1st 2nd & 3rd in same class)didnt do well at all..same judge. One didn't have enough tail pigmentation and I plumb forgot to check it.
Yrling Booty Queen fought me the whole time in the ring, would not stand still. Every time I tried to set her up she had a cow.
Little 7week old TTH Brikhaus place 2nd one day & 2nd the next under two different judges. Then she got called into some sort of Champ division, sorry guys I don't know how any of this works but she wound up with a Reserve competing against a bunch of other first & second placers in a variety of age groups.
Naive me, I didn't know judges are impressed when your goats act like they belong in the ring... comments were made regarding this one or that one, standing calm, chewing her cud, or someone else in addition to having great Boer confirmation and eye catching appeal, owning the place with attitude.
Last yr my breeder had some little bulldog of a couldn't help not notice her..very well behaved but at the same time "Look at me if I don't get placed Im gonna rip your face off."
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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