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Whoo hoo! We got tails a flaggin! Oh happy day!

We've been sitting on the back porch watching the goats this morning. There is just not much funnier than watching a 1 ft. buck try to breed a 3 ft doe. We've done all we can do to help and the little boy just hasn't gotten it to where where it needs to be! rofl He's fallen off of the stumps, the table, the trailer... even with us holding the doe for him. Now we sit and watch as he chases and tries to jump high enough. Hopefully he'll figure it out... or she will help him figure it out.

The things we do for entertainment, eh?
Be aware that he can hurt himself trying to breed those does. I left my Red in with the big girls for 1 night and he hurt his back, caused a neurological deficit that never improved. I really liked that buck.
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