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    We got an offer on Maverick yesterday, for $100. I'm happy we broke even on him (feed and care not included, of course), and I didn't have to drive all the way to Chandler to the registered stock auction. He's being sold to the same person who found him in October (10 miles from home, 3 days later), and the one I posted the article about. Apparently he remembers him well, so I'm happy he's going somewhere I can check in on him every once in a while, and he'll be used and much appreciated.
    I have to say, he was the most easy-going goat I've ever had, buck or not. Took meds and wormers straight from the syringe, didn't even have to hold him.

    On top of that, my new doe is arriving the end of this month, and my new buckling next month. If I get a doe from Jenny, she'll be my 3rd milking doe, and if not, I get to pick another purebred Saanen doe from the same breeder as my buckling.

    Considering the luck we had last year, things are really looking up this year.
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    That is great to hear....congrats..... :hi5: :cool: :clap: