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Last Wednesday I FINALLY caught one of my does in heat. The other doe is 2.5 years old and has never been bred. I took her 23 days ago to the buck because it seemed like she was in heat. She was wagging her tail for him but wouldn’t stand so I took her home and watched her but she never showed any more obvious signs. I have been watching her closely and haven’t seen anything major. My wethers were pestering her a little yesterday but nothing else. She should be coming back into heat right about now (if she was in fact in heat when I took her last month). I think she’s just super sneaky about being in heat. So is my other doe. I don’t want to keep missing her cycles, and I would love for her to kid around the same time as my other doe so I’m not sure what to do. Should I wait it out and just keep watching? Is it possible that she will still come into heat on the next couple days or are they pretty much always on a 21 day cycle? I though about calling a vet and asking about different options for bringing her into heat but I’m not sure if that’s overkill for just one doe.
They only offer driveway breedings for the buck, although I did purchase this doe from them so maybe they could make an exception and board her for a little until she gets bred but I think that’s a slim chance.
I didn’t think breeding goats would be this stressful!

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Sounds like she was in heat at the time you took her to the buck, however, she wasn’t quite in standing heat yet, which, may of been within that day.

When you took her home,
she most likely was in standing heat at your home without a buck.

I would leave her with a buck at least 2 heat cycles, so she is covered.
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