She is an all black pygmy. Non registered and not registrable. She is due to have a baby soon and I want her and her baby to go to the same farm. She's honestly on the skittish side but is herd queen all the way. She is a little under 2 yrs old, this is her first time having a baby and will most likely have a singleton. She is wide enough to have twins or triplets in the future, is stocky, has beautiful feet and stands squarely. She has great udder potential, her udder is held high and tight and has great attachment. She will be UTD on wormer and feet trimmed at time of sale, she is also being dehorned (will not be sold until her horns are gone). If her baby is a buckling, he can be banded on the day of sale if requested for no extra charge. Price is for mom and any baby(s) she has. Terrestrial animal Boar Suidae Livestock Soil
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