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This Fat, Old Granny Has a Sports Injury!

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I've been wanting to let you all know about this since it happened, but it's been quite a trial, and I've not felt up to writing it out. Now I do. :cool:

Four weeks ago tomorrow I had milked my girls, then put them out to pasture, and was returning up to the house. All of a sudden I heard a LOUD snap, and felt a baseball fast pitched into the back of my calf. I went down with a scream. My hubby came running out and tried to help me up, but I could not stand. He kind of dragged me, lol, into the house where I insisted on changing out of my barn clothes and into something more presentable so I could be taken to the Emergency Room. We were afraid I might of had a blood clot or something terrible like that. (I really did look around to see if someone threw something at me. It felt like a really hard baseball hit it.)

So, long story short, the ultra sound showed no blood clot, but I had a massive amount out blood inside my calf. The doc told me to go home, ice it, and keep it up. Since she couldn't see exactly what was going on in there, she assumed I tore my calf muscle.

I've been doing a lot of research on it and yes, I have torn it, but good. It's been four weeks tomorrow, and I still can't stand up. The pain and swelling have decreased a lot, so I know I'm healing. I've been putting arnica oil on it and it never did end up bruising. I love that stuff! So anyway, the first 3 weeks I was in bed, on ibuprofen and turmeric capsules. I used an office chair to roll into the bathroom. It was quite handy.

This past week I've been using a wheelchair and can put a little bit of pressure on it, enough to transfer easier and even get out to the deck so I can watch my critters. The healing will probably take another 3 or 4 weeks :eek: before I can walk with a walker, and then a couple more months to build strength up and walk without a limp.

My hubby now has to get up at 4:30 a.m. to milk the goats before he goes to work. He wears a flashlight on his head since our electricity is out down there right now. He and our youngest son have been doing everything, laundry, cooking, cleaning, well, if you call it cleaning.... hahaha... and everything I normally would do. What a wonderful team!

Why does this relate to goats? Because the injury I got is from my Bella, who when I put her on her leash to take her to the pasture is very happy and curious and yanks me here and there on our way. The calf tear is caused from abrupt, sprint-like take offs. This is an injury that many sports people get, runners, basketball players, tennis players, etc.

My calf had been sore for a few weeks, and I even looked up symptoms for blood clots, but I didn't have them. Now I know that my calf was being pulled and stretched out every time Bella yanked the leash, until it finally ruptured. She'd feel so bad if she knew why I'm laid up. :whatgoat:

Anyway, I thought you'd like to hear about this fat old granny with a sports injury. :p
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Wow, that is awful. I'm glad your healing. I hope it completely heals for you. How wonderful that your husband and son are so supportive.
Oh gosh! I am sorry you are having to cope with this. Prayers for a fast and complete healing.
dang goats!! hope you heal up quickly!!

btw - my goats do that I have to pay attention to my calves. lol
oh no! sounds absolutely horrible. But how lucky to have such a sweet hubby and son that they're taking good care of you and the goats :) I hope you heal up soon.
So sorry it happened but very glad you are feeling better. Hard isn't it to be stuck inside watching your babies, and team family members, having all the fun?
Yep, been there ... too many times to count!

The worst for me was when I was pg and got struck down to the ground by a yearling stud colt. I had family coming for Easter dinner, and couldn't cancel so ... next morning my contractions had started and the baby wasn't due until September!
I spent over five months on the couch ... watching the grass grow. REALLY! Every single time I stood up I started to bleed.

Many, many other times also ... remember it is one day at a time.

I got run over by a mare and foal, at weaning time in 06. That one nearly did me in, and it took along, long time for me to work my way back from that one.

As we age, 60 here, it just takes a lot longer to heal. I'm having to learn to slow down, take my time and trying to learn to work smarter.

Last week I had to move 160 bales of hay, alone, before it rained. Needless to say since then I feel like I'm 80 instead of 60!!!:hammer:

I know what you mean about not wanting to talk about it. I never tell my kids much of anything cause they are wanting me to sell the ranch and all my girls and I am refusing to even talk about it ... yet.

Keep the faith ... it will get better. You and yours are in my prayers for a complete healing.
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Wow. I am so sorry about all this. Thank the lord you have a wonderful hubby that is doing all that and a son.
I am glad you are doing the Arnica. I to love it and would never be without. Try the pills someine as well. They are wonderful and so helpful as well.
I am glad you are taking it easy. Are you going for a follow up soon? I hope so. Good luck I will be praying for you for sure.
Prayers, for a quick recovery.
Thank you, all my fellow goat lovers, for your prayers, kind words of encouragement and support. I should of said in my original post that the reason I wrote this out was to let you know that the constant yanking, starting, stopping, and pulling that our sweet goats do could hurt you, so please be careful. Who would of thunk?! lol

Sweetgoats, no, I'm not going in for a follow up. I've done a huge amount of reading on how to rehab the calf and what to watch for and all that. Unless the healing stops or something changes for the worse, I will take care of it myself. Oh, and I've tried the arnica pills, too. They are marvelous. All these wonderful, God given herbs for our health and healing make me so happy! Love them!!!

DesertRose, Wow, you've been through a lot! You must be a spunky one to want to keep at it. Good for you!!

Today I'm canning tomatoes and making emergency candles from the wheelchair. Can't wait till I'm out of it, too much to do! :)

Lovin' life despite the kinks!
Dang, that sounds awful! I hope that the rest of the healing goes more easy for you!
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