This is why you need loose minerals!!

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    Sep 24, 2017
    I did an experiment with my goats! I took away their loose minerals from April-June and here are the negative results I experienced:

    Everybody's selenium tail came back.

    EVERYBODY! Needed a (or 2) copper bolus at the beginning of June

    I was having a lot of poop problems. either constipated or soft stool

    They ate half of a Redmond block at that time. 6 does... That's a lot of salt!

    Their water intake went down a bit. Not a lot, since they were eating the crap out of the salt, but it did go down! I don't like it, because it's hot here!

    Their hooves became noticeably more unhealthy, as well as the ones with horns.

    Milk production reduced considerably... Like by a cup!!!

    They received replamin, copper bonuses, and zinc after I was done with the experiment, and they devoured the loose minerals like they were going out of style! I had to give them back because I put Sadie in with Harrison, plus I wanted them healthy again!

    I want to hear yalls experience of not feeding loose minerals, either on purpose or because you simply didn't know! We need to convince more people that minerals are needed!

    *Little side note. When people don't believe you when you say that goats need quality minerals or any at all, try to give them reasons that would benefit them, not the animal, if you have already tried that. Some people care more about themselves than the well being of the animal, sadly. But it worked when I was trying to convince someone to offer minerals!!
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    Well I decided (not to stop feeding because I didn't have the guts for that) but to experiment to see what is needed to balance a mineral brand, MannaPro, that gets a fairly bad rep - along with well water!

    Long story short, it is possible, I've calculated the extra supplementation needed - and it is a fine loose mineral with some extra balancing!]

    I, more recently, decided to test how long mine can truly go without a bolus. Over 6 months, woo-hoo! Probably about time again, lol.

    That's all. Great experiment!!
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    I know @mariarose used to do this to figure out which of her goats were better ate "holding their minerals". Did you notice certain individuals doing better or worse than others?
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    Sep 24, 2017
    Yes, I did! 3 of the does, one being the mom, the 2 others, her daughters, all got flaky skin/hooves from zinc deficiency. They also did pretty bad about copper! I have 2 half-sisters that did pretty bad for copper as well!
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