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    Apr 19, 2010
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    Some of my family came down this past weekend for a visit. I havent' seen my family since Christmas!
    My brother, his girlfriend and their new baby came down. Very exciting because this is my brother's first child! He is older than me, and was married once before but his ex couldn't have kids <she had 3 kids that my brother raised and couldn't have any more>. So with all that said, we are all ecstatic that he finally has a baby of his own :)

    Here's my nephew born on July 7th



    I am not used to photographing people, but we had fun getting a few pics :)

    My brother, his girlfriend and their baby boy


    They are with my step mom, my uncle and my dad in this one

    My dad and my kids - Jess is almost 12, James is 9 and Marissa will be 4 next month :)

    My step mom and her brother/my uncle I love this pic. My Uncle is one of the sweetest men I've ever known :)

    My family LOVED the goats, and the goats loved them!
    Our family friend and his wife and kids came down as well. They are like my brother and sister and their kids are like my neices.

    The goats took up to them really quickly, and we joked that his new nickname is 'The Old Goat' LOL

    Well we tend to be a little here are some pics for his new facebook profile LOL


    Can we be buddies?

    Trouble <red doe> - Should I run?
    Longstreet <buck> - Yeah, he only wishes he had a rack like mine!

    But what was so cool was the fact, our buck doesn't like people. BUT, he has learned that treats can be quite yummy.... I gave them animal crackers, and he LOVED them, so much that he was all over me with his lips smacking LOL It was hysterically funny, I had to run from them because they were all over me wanting more and MORE haha....
    So the next morning our friend and his oldest daughter went out to visit with the goats...and look how friendly the buck was? He NEVER lets anyone touch his face....or any other part of him for that matter...

    this was 'before' they brought out the treats



    Treat time..



    So anyway, I just wanted to share. The weekend went by too fast, and I didn't have my camera out enough! But I thought it was so very cool that the buck took up to total strangers the way he did! He's settled in so well <we've had him for a month or so>, and he's an easy going, and he tries to be careful, especially with his horns.
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    Very nice pics....such a cute baby.... :thumb:

    Love the goat charmers.... LOL..... Looks like.... 'The Old Goat' ... won the bout.... :laugh: :thumbup:

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    Jul 1, 2010
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    Congratulations on the baby. What a precious gift from God.

    Love the pictures.

    Isn't it funny how city people always put their fingers on their head to make horns? I love that.
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    Apr 19, 2010
    Central Kentucky
    Thanks so much :) We had such a great time, I wish the weekend hadn't gone by so fast. My family definitely loved the goats. The two bucklings who are 2 months old - one in the pic with 'the old goat' <LOL>, and the brown one are just completely rotten! They are such sweethearts. The doeling is too, but those two boys are always together, I call them my lil tag team :) I don't even want to think of the fact we're going to have to wean soon and start looking for homes for them :(

    One thing I WISH I had pictures of was my doe Trouble. OMG she is just a goofy girl!
    She climbed up on the back deck nosing around <she didn't get her name for no reason!>, she walks over to the kitchen window...puts one foot on one side of the window seal, the other foot on the other side and peeks through the window LOL!!!! It was just too funny and too cute! Our family friend said he wished I was inside getting a pic, and I told him yep, she's my PEEPING TOM!!! And the funny thing about that is, In the past several weeks I've called her my lil Tomboy LOL
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    It looks like your family and friends had a wonderful weekend with you. Don't you love it when they can come out and have a good time, especially with something important to you like the goats.

    Your new nephew is adorable and congrats to you brother, looks like he has not stopped grinning yet.
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    Dec 13, 2009
    Wonderful pics! Your nephew is a beautiful baby. All babies are cute but not all are beautiful. Your nephew is one of those beautiful babies.

    All the pictures were a joy to see,thank you for sharing.