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Hello, everyone! My goat, Winnie, a few weeks ago birthed me a perfect set of twins, a boy and a girl. (I named them Luke and Leah)
Anyway, I am selling both, and I need to see what everyone thinks of Leah mostly, as since I am going to sell her as a milking goat. Leah’s mother, Winnie, was a freshener this year, and birthed without complications. Winnie has a high udder, but still produces more than two quarts everyday. Leah’s grandmother produced more than a gallon, and had a beautiful body build. Leah’s dad, Chestnut, also comes from great stock. His mother also had a fabulous udder and milk production.
As most of you can see, Leah has a lot of good genes going for her. 😆 however, I have never had people tell me what they think of my goats, so I’m posting a few pictures of Leah.

😂 she had her mouth open in this one because she was calling for her mom. Anyways, what do you all think of her? How much should I sell her for?
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