Three Bred Nigerian Does (Texas)

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    Posting as a favor for a friend:

    3 NDGA Registered does available. All three bred to River Bottoms Chestnut.

    (1)Lillian--solid white doe, dehorned, blue eyes, 4 years old. Very small doe, very sweet. Due July 10, 2010. $200

    (2)Caiti--tricolor doe, polled, brown eyes, 4 years old, proven breeder, usually has tricolor kids. Skiddish. Due July 10, 2010. $200

    (3)Caryl--tricolor doe, disbudded, blue eyes, 10 months old, first freshener. Usually friendly, but more skiddish as her pregnancy progresses. Kid of Caiti (listed above). Due ??? $200 (Epona in - this doeling is due within a month I would say)

    All three registered with NDGA with herdname: River Bottom

    Group discount=buy all three for $500.

    Also have available::
    1 family dog 3/4 pyrenees, 1/4 anatolian shepherd. Just over a year old--not good with farm animals, but great as a family pet.
    6 male 3/4 pyrenees, 1/4 anatolian shepherd puppies. Eating solid food, ready to wean and learn the ropes with their own herd. 6 weeks old. $100 each.

    Epona in again: I have had my hands on these does, very nice girls. I would buy Caryl in a heartbeat if I had the money right now.