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We have reduced the prices on our two HUGE LaPine bucklings that were never picked up and our last Nigerian Dwarf buck.

We dispersed our nigie herd and still have Sugar Creeks TW Enjoy The View *S. We've dropped his price to only $300 in order to help off set the high cost of gas. I'm also willing to meet a buyer within a reasonable distance (50 miles or so) at no extra charge. He NEEDS a new home with a Nigerian Dwarf herd. We've only kept a handful of LaManchas for our family milk supply and E.T. is way too nice and much too young to end his breeding career now. You can see most of the animals in his pedigree at the Sugar Creek and Twin Creeks web sites. His lineage speaks volumes and he is a gorgeous boy.

We also still have two half LaMancha/ half Alpine bucklings that are incredibly growthy and from excellent milking lines. These guys were reserved earlier but never picked up so we've dropped the price on them to only $50 each just to get them moved.

See our website for pics and pedigrees:



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