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Tiki and Blou about to POP!

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Hey everyone! I haven't been on too much recently as I've been really busy with school, but I wanted to give you all an update on my two pregnant girls! This will be their first time kidding with me, so I'm anxious to see what they come out with! They are both PB NDs bred to a PB ND buck. Blou's first day 145 is on Oct. 22, and Tiki's is on Oct. 23. Poor girls are really starting to feel the pregnancy, and told me they were miserable this morning. :rolleyes: I'm thinking twins for Blou and at least triplets for Tiki. :D Will post some pics this evening if I can!
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exciting!!! get that kidding kit ready! we'll be here, anxiously waiting cute kid pictures! wishing your girls easy kidding!
Good luck with kidding! You will have to post pics.
Happy kidding :) ;)
Happy kidding! :)
Tiki's ligs are gone and her udder is more full! She's in the kidding stall playing the waiting game!! :D
Having some contractions!!!! Please pray for a healthy, easy kidding!! :D
happy kidding! can't wait for baby pictures!!!!
Good luck
So far we have a gorgeous tricolor (really he has four colors on him though - quad color? Lol) buckling, and an absolutely STUNNING black doeling. Both are healthy and active!! I think mama has at least one more, but she's taking a break right now. Thanks for the prayers, and keep 'em coming!! :) Will post pics when I'm sure mama's done.
Best wishes to you and your does! ;)
Congrats!! Any pics yet?! Lol I LOVE baby goat pictures!!
awesome!! hope things are going well. can't wait to see the pictures!!
hurrry!!! pics
Thanks for the good wishes, everyone!! Babies and mama are both doing excellently this morning!! :D She ended up just having the two, so here are some pictures of her feisty and gorgeous new babies!! I was with her through the whole birth, and she did very very well. :) :cool: :kidred: :kidblue:


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