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I was reading an article on about pregnant doe nutrition and I was surprised to read this:
About a week or so before their due date feed the pellets 60% in the early morning and 40% 12 hrs later, in the evening. Feed their hay in the morning and only enough so that it is gone by mid afternoon. Remove it if it's not cleaned up. By doing this correctly your girls should kid in the daylight hours. In over 20 years we have had thousands of births, and only 2 were at night. And those 2 were because someone had filled up the hay feeder in the evening

Has anyone heard of this or tried it?

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Well there is another one that states to feed in the evening to have day kidding. All I can tell you is I personally feed in the am, enough to last all day long and probably part of the night, and I mostly have day time kids. The last few years the only night kiddings I have had were ones that ended up needing assistance but 90% of mine are having them by 3pm.
Now on the other hand people swear by the night time feeding, and with my cattle we feed in the evening and again most have their calf鈥檚 in the day time.
So if you ask me all animal try and have day time babies lol

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I too feed morning and evening.
Most are born mornings when I go let them out of the barn in winter and just at or after I feed their breakfast and during the day/evening.
But occasionally, I do get a 11 pm appointment or so. ;)
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