Timothy pellets??

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    Apr 23, 2016
    Hi all,

    I am still stressing about my fat Boer doe. I cut her back to just 1/4cup of alfalfa pellets am and pm and limited hay at night, but she is still a fatty and I think it's a strain on her legs. I can't limit her hay much during the day because I don't want to limit the whole herd. When she walks, I can see a fat roll behind her front legs and can just barely feel her pelvic bones. I just keep hoping if she loses some weight, she will be more apt to play with the other goats and be more comfortable. The rest of the herd is definitely not starving, but poor Aoife just can't catch a break with her slow metabolism.
    Anyway, I was wondering what you all thought about switching her from alfalfa pellets to straight timothy pellets am and pm. I have to give her something because everyone gets dinner and breakfast grain and/or alfalfa pellets. I don't grain in a group, they all have separate buckets in their designated areas. Should I give it a try? I figured timothy pellets would have less calories than alfalfa.
    Thanks group. Sorry for being a crazy worry wart about my goats.
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    No need to apologize - obesity is linked to so many other health issues you are right to be concerned!

    Do you have a link to another thread about this doe? Can you post it if possible for the background info?

    Timothy pellets will be lower protein pellets than alfalfa so I suppose you could, but honestly at 1/2 cup a day I don't think it's going to make much difference. The only thing you can really do is increase exercise. Do you have the space to move the hay rack and the water tub far far away from their resting area or shelter so she has to walk alot?

    Has she kidded before or is she bred? You may consider leaving her next litter with her a long long time (more than 6 months) so they drain her fat reserves with nursing. Nothing takes weight off like milk production. (I mean, a bad case of parasites, but we don't wish that on her!!!)
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    Apr 23, 2016
    She's never been bred and I wasn't planning on it. She is 2yrs old. I just had mentioned her before and the group said to take her off the calf Manna. She is in a fairly large paddock with the other 5 and a horse and they do walk around a lot. I don't know if she eats more leaves or something or is eating acorns and I haven't caught her doing it. She doesn't seem to eat more than the others as far as hay. It's first cut, so not real rich. I will try to attach the post with her pictures....
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    Unfortunately, some animals can be fat on almost nothing. For her to lose weight, you may have to separate her and then she can be fed how you need to. But then you are looking at quality of life being alone all the time. It just sounds like she is one of those animals that gains weight on air. I had a llama like that. I made the decision to leave her with the herd and knew her life wouldn't be as long due to weight.
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    Why is she getting any feed other than hay? Unless there is a reason, cutting out the pellets might be the first step. Without separating or breeding her though, she may just always been obese.
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    Some are easy keepers, you can try to feed some lower quality hay, unless she is preggo, then she will need Alfalfa.
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    I think your doe and I are related. I have a fat roll problem too.

    Moving from alfalfa to Timothy may help. Also try separating the food, water, and mineral areas as much as you can to make her move from one place to another.

    Good luck to both us "fatties"!
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