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    The breeder I'm getting a kid from has does due 3/1, 3/3,and 3/12 and told me that when some doelings are born she will call me and I can come pick out mine. When I go to see them they will probably only be a couple days old,and I know that's young to tell much,but what are some traits to look for? Anything that would indicate having nice conformation? Of course I will look at moms and their udders to while I'm there,and I've seen her bucks :) I'm so anxious to see them,and I bet the does will hold out as long as possible just because of that :roll: lol
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    Basic structure should be sound even on a baby, ribbing, back, and length of body should be apparent. Don't let front legs through you off, a lot of mine start out looking knock-kneed, but straighten up soon. When you're buying a kid that young, really your buying hope, they could turn out great, or not so hot, but trust your gut instinct. For really young kids, I pay attention to growth for age, length, ribbing, depth of barrel. Remember to check the teats!!! So many people can fool you with a pedigree and sell you an animal with 3 or more teats. Check out parents like you mentioned. Ask to see mature progeny from buck if any exists. If you have other questions PM them. Hope this helps a wee bit:) Buying babies is difficult, so if you have someone that knows a good animal, not a bad idea to take them with you either!

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    Good confirmation should be aparent even on a young kid. Look for smoothness of blending. shoulder blades that lay flat and tight against the body, sharp withers flat ribs and the "wedge" shape. watch them walk out. As they walk do the have steep rumps and posty legs? or do they walk out level over the toplineand really reach under themselves with their hind legs. Watch them wak away from you. Do their hocks point in? they should track straight ahead. Their tones should naturally point towards the front. Watch them walk towards you, again do they toe out? are their toes splayed. they should be nice and tight. they should have a good amount of width between their legs. Not pinched looking.