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Hi all, you may be following a thread about my Alpine buck who probably has meningeal worm. I would like to take him to the vet, which is a three hour drive. He is about 1.5 yrs and 120/130lbs, in tact and has horns. Until rutting season started, he was a sweet boy, more like a dog than a goat. He had no problem jumping into my SUV and going to the vet. Now though with rutting season and illness, he has been unpredictably charging me when I go into his stall, and even headbutted my fingers when I put them through the stall walls. His behavior is significantly less aggressive since administering Vitamins ADE, but I still have to restrain him in order to give meds, change water etc. Do you have any tips about how to get him to the vet? Is there something like valium for goats? Would I need to ask a neighbor to help load him into a horse trailer (instead of loading him myself into the SUV)? Or should I send some videos of him to the vet and ask for a remote consult? Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving.
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