New Jersey TMGR registrable Mini Lamancha buck

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    Name: Nebula

    DOB: 6-6-2017, he will be available at 8 weeks of age.

    Registration: Nebula is an F1 Miniature Lamancha, out of an F1 (50/50) TMGR registered doe, and an ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf buck. Nebula will be TMGR registered and tattooed before leaving our farm.

    Dam's production: Nebula's dam, Odyssey, has been a super doe. I usually don't offer bucklings out of first fresheners, but I am making an exception because Odyssey's udder is gorgeous, and I love Nebula's conformation and personality. Since Odyssey is still nursing the kids, we are only milking her once a day. She has consistently given us at least five cups every morning, and this is on no grain. She is fed pasture, grass hay, a good loose mineral, and alfalfa pellets. We milk her 11 and 1/2 hours on the dot after separating her from her kids; she fills up quick!

    DAM: Lady Walker's Odyssey (TMGR Miniature Lamancha)
    SIRE: Dreahook M Valentino (ADGA Nigerian Dwarf)

    Nebs is as lovey as they come. He is a snuggle bug - sweet and gentle. He's never met a goat or person he didn't like. He is thrifty and strong, with no health issues to date.

    Extended pedigrees, as well as the show results of Nebula's sire, are all available on my website. I'd be happy to also provide pictures of his parents' registration papers and our herd's disease testing results. We have tested for CAE, CL, and Johnes, and we only buy from tested herds.

    If you are interested in this sweet boy, feel free to message us with any questions!

    The Three Havens herd.
    IMG_1134.jpg IMG_1138.jpg unnamed (2).jpg IMG_1051.jpg 19657356_1656030231128428_2960337804340807281_n.jpg 20031584_1678404772224307_9090945613030950917_n.jpg 20046512_1678404778890973_4486629960882356777_n.jpg 19554473_1678404768890974_7859739561566737824_n.jpg IMG_0990.jpg
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    Oh Danielle, I think I need him! Haha <3
    he's a lovely little guy!
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    ThreeHavens 7 does - 2 bucks - 1 wether

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    Thank you so much!! We love him, and although we are biased we think he's lovely ;) Haha!
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