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    Oct 8, 2008
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    I am sitting here watching Boris and Natasha sleeping together in there crate. Wondering if I am going to make it though this kidding season. All our babies are on bottles for one reason or another. Out of 13 births 8 kids are liven. We have 3 still borns 2 passed away before they where a week old. (Sunshine and Mocha). One is sick but doing better, my little Beautiful Natasha. What is scary I do not even own all but two goats on this farm right now and I cry every time a hole has to be dugged to lay a little one to rest. My hubby has I have to big of a heart to goto into goat breeding. I am a reck eveytime we loose one. I am afraid to go home for a break and have time with my hubby and my animals at home. Afraid if I leave and we loose one that I could have been there to help or maybe save.

    I found a breed of goat I have fell in love with. They are indanger speciase. THey are called San Clemente Island goats. They are beautiful. Bright red coats with black markings. And I would love to start breeding them here and maybe get a nice herd up. But then I think about all those little ones we put to rest.

    How do you guys do it?? I keep asking myself if I am cut out to do this?? Or should I stop with Pani and Dude??

    Right now I have 8 kids on a bottles. Just a little bit over whelmed at the momment. Two babies in the house that are right next to where I sleep. AKA the couch in the liven room. Ya ya ya I stay at my boss's house. So I can hear them when they wake up to eat and also to keep a close eye on Tashie.

    Also helping my boss do things for the company when ever I can help out. Finding animals that we need. More goats always more goats. You never can have enough goats around. Llamas, alpacas, mini cows, mini this mini that.

    But there is a lot of good out of this year and I thinking a lot more good is going to happen also. I got another goat (Dude). Getting to meet someone from here. Going to be show fainters next year with my boss (The first goat that I ever bottle feed is going to be my show goat and her name is Mystery). Going to be shown a mini named Charlie. (love this little guy). Being used as a climbing toy by the older babies. Getting tripped by Climetime and Blossom because they have too be touching me when they are out of there crate. Even little Tashie licking off a tear from my cheek was a special momment and then getting head butted by Boris because I stopped petting him.

    You know getting this out and actuly thinking about it. I might cry ever time we loose something. I might worry a lot and be a over protective mommy to the little ones. But I think I would make it in breeding goats and raisen them. Cause I was just told by a friend that if you did not have a heart that you could not do the things that I am doing. Got to take the bad with the good. (Even though all I want is the good).
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    With loss.....there is life.....and you are a very good may be over whelming at times.....look at the outcome of your hard work and determination you is a beautiful thing.....with heart felt ...and sweet people like you ...that is what is needed... to make life so worth living..... :hug: :pray:

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    Some people just have those years. You just have to keep going. This is not a science, and they are the product of Mother Nature really and we are just hear to try to help them along. We all lose goats and we cry when we do but as long as you or anyone keeps learning that is how we become better goat people.

    You are a very caring and loving person for your goats, and that is all you can really be. I have only lost a couple goats ever, but I do sell a lot of them and that is just as hard at times. I know when they die they are in Greener pastures but when I sell them will they be treated like I would treat them? Loved like I would love them and so on. I cry like a baby every time I sell one, but I know I can not keep them all. I have had a lot of people call me that have bought goats over they years and tell me that they put a goat down for one reason or another, and I am so sad and hurt.
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    Oct 8, 2008
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    Now I am finding grey hair I wonder why??
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    Oct 26, 2008
    You know, that big heart is precisely why you will make it in breeding goats ... or any other animals. You cannot do this without putting your whole heart into it, and when you think about it the ones that do, ie the big industrial commercial farms, they are the ones that have higher morbidity and mortality, and lower welfare standards and quality of life for the animals. not that I am against that method of farming, I'm not but its just what I see. We put our heart and our whole selves into these animals, regardless of whether we have one or fifty. And yes, it hurts when you lose one and it never stops hurting no matter how many you lose or how long you've been in the game. And you never stop worrying, never. That one will be sick, or that there'll be problems kidding. Thats just what makes you good at caring for animals.

    You are going to be fantastic, I just know it.
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    Dealing with the losses is a very heartwrenching thing to do, I do sell the babies and it hurts everytime one leaves. I tyry and do my best to find them the homes that they deserve and will get the same love and attention that they had with me. I still keep in touch wih quite a few of my babies owners, but then there are those who leave and I never know how they are or even if they are still alive, but I do know that in order for me to give my goats the love and attention they so deserve, I can't keep all the babies.

    I have seen pics of the San Clementine goats, they are a striking breed....and if that is what you want to do, go for it and breed for strong kids to keep them going! :hug:
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    Nov 13, 2008
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    Awww the heartbreak of losing one. I grew up on a small family farm, so most of it has never been a big deal. We knew what those animals were for and knew not to get to attached. But as I get older it seems the more soft-hearted I get.

    With all the love and care that you put into your animals, there is no way you cannot hurt when you lose one and to me that is part of what makes a good breeder. If you did not care you would not hurt but that also means to me that you would not take as good care of your animals as you do.

    So yes with the blessings comes the heartaches, but believe me the blessings and smiles to me more than makes up for the heartaches.
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    Oct 8, 2008
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    Right now I am very over whelmed and getting outhere is helping a bit. Tasha is taken a lot of work right now keeping her a live and doing better. She crashed last night but I told her that if she did nto give up I would nto give up on her.

    I have desided to go for it and get those goats. Going to start off with a small herd of maybe 3 does and one buck. We are also probly going to use them in the petting zoo also. But these are going to be my goats. I am got to save up and a lady that sells them is willing to work with me. They are trying to bring back the breed. Just like my boss is raisen fainting goats to bring back the breed around here. Even maken Mini Fainters. Which I am the proud owner of one *thinks about Dude*

    As I think back this all started with my hubby telling me that I need to get out of the house and find a job that I will love. Tellin me to go ask about getting a job with the people that had a petting zoo Zeli horse taiden days. Now look at me. I am planning on getting a herd of my own. I have 2 wonderful bucks. Meet a lot of wonderful people here on TGS.

    I still think what my life would have been if I never asked for a job from the person that is now my best friend. Man I think my life would have been very very very boren. Cause a lot of good have come out of this.
  9. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
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    It is best to start out small...then build from will do a very good job on caring for them......have fun....with it .... :wink: :greengrin: good luck sweety.... :wink: