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Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by Riot_My_Love, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Riot_My_Love

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    Hey guys,

    I've been trying to muscle up Riot for ages! He is almost 14 mo. old and virtually no muscle. I've run him up & down hilly areas, had my mare (horse) run him & the wethers for a bit, running in pastures, free turnout around my 10.5 acre property.. etc. He still has no muscle :hair:. I have a pic for reference, and why is he maturing so slowly?! His bloodlines are Powell/Holman, Bull City Boer goats, and this picture is about 2 weeks old.. Will get a new one today...

  2. RPC

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    Now this is just what I have heard but I was told that the Powell/Holman lines are slow and late maturing. So don't give up on him but that is just what I have heard.

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    Apr 21, 2010
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    I thought it took a few years for Boer's to mature. He's still a baby. And a pretty baby at that!
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    Thank you both!

    No, fast-maturing Boers are looking more "bucky" by this age. Roger, do you happen to know how long it takes for Powell/Holman lines to grow.. Or "spurt" at least? I have heard the same thing...
  5. RPC

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    I am not sure I think by 3 years old they should be mature but I am not 100% sure.
  6. Well, I know in Myotonics it takes three years of age to fully mature. I could not sware to Boers but I know my does are not huge yet and Lucie did not fill out till a year after I go her. When I got her she was a bit older then a year old and she tall but not really beefy. When she left this weekend she was one of the biggest does on my property and very well built. Give it time and try not to over do it. He will grow as his body will let him. To much to fast can lead to pain etc. Over feeding can leaf to major unhealtiness. You don't want either of those to happen.
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    I do believe that the P/H lines are slow maturing. Had a buck out of Bingo's Superman that was late maturing. Had great kids but he was small until he was about 3 and we got pictures sent of him and he was really nice.

    What I think you want to do, is NOT run him. Sure, it builds people muscle, but what else does it do? Makes us lose weight.

    You may want to feed him on a raised surface to where he has to stand on his back legs to reach. Maybe WALK him up the hills or up steps. How old is he? What do you feed him?
  8. Oh, also remember there are always through backs, if you will. A fast growing line or a HUGE line can always through something out of the norm. In all honesty I have never really see as small Boer buck, I am sure they are out there, so I think you will be fine. I just don't think it is very common at all and far and few between.