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Today marks 1 month before my 1st doe it due

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Just 30 more days till my 1st doe is due to kid, I can't wait to have babies again!!!
This is who will be having the kids Majestic's Princess and the sire is Zepplin, I do have some spots left to reserve kids from Princess, I 2 spots left to reserve doe kids from her and I have 3 spots left to reserve wether kids from her, both her wether's that have gone to fairs have done quite well placing 3rd out of 10+ goats and her doe kids are amazing, I have one picture's here is her doe kid from this year Ember she is just perfect!
Princess will have 88% kids
Let me know if you want to get on the waiting list
Thanks :D


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That's so exciting!! Good luck!
Can't wait for the kids to get here!! :D:D:D:D
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