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    Oct 8, 2008
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    While I was taken the babies out to get there daily run around the farm I stopped to look at Tasha. Took a good look at her hind legs and they have started to straighten out. She dose nto stop move to long. She was this morning running and jumping. She will take off in a full run and jump over things. I begin to think about all that this little one has over come in her little life. She now has a clean bill of health *shows vet bill* The vet can nto find anything wron with her now. She is actuly grown like a weed. She is spose to be a mini Fainter and she is taller then the full blooded fainter baby we have. She is going to be a big girl. She is even bigger then her twin brother Boris, (Who is now call BoBo).

    Just so much has happened this year. Will all the loses and stuff happening on this farm. Sometime I do nto think it is worth it all I need to do is look at my Tasha. then everythign changes.

    Tasha is a bright spot this year. So is Dude but she is a little more special.

    OH ya Dude is becomen a buck. This morning he had his tounge out maken those buck noises and sniffing all the ladies butts. I had to laugh. He is too cute when he is doing this!
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    taking everything in day by day is so important. So glad Tasha is doing so well :leap: