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Toltrazuril (Baycox) lable information question

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So for those who use this product. Have you read on the label before that it says to refrigerate? It also says to keep at room temp so have no idea which is correct.

I feel like if its to stay refrigerated it should come packaged with an icepack right? Mine didn't.

I threw out my old old bottle and I never checked to see if it said that on it.

But I received a complimentary replacement bottle for the one that arrived open (didnt loose much so I can still use it).

I have one at the barn and now this new one. Trying to decide if it needs to go in the fridge or not.
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Does it give a temperature range it should be kept at?
If your bottle was out in some serious heat, it probably isn't good. The problem with giving stuff like that is the efficacy isn't as good. So you could potentially not be giving a strong enough dose and then create resistance. Then you aren't left with much for coccidia treatment.

But just giving them more without knowing how strong it is, is bad also.
I bet your bottle is ok, Stacey but I would definitely call to be sure. But a bottle that has been sitting out in high heat for a month isn't going to be.
At least now you know.

TiffofMo - I would definitely not use that Baycox since it wasn't refrigerated and also was heated up for a month.
1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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