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Toltrazuril (Baycox) lable information question

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So for those who use this product. Have you read on the label before that it says to refrigerate? It also says to keep at room temp so have no idea which is correct.

I feel like if its to stay refrigerated it should come packaged with an icepack right? Mine didn't.

I threw out my old old bottle and I never checked to see if it said that on it.

But I received a complimentary replacement bottle for the one that arrived open (didnt loose much so I can still use it).

I have one at the barn and now this new one. Trying to decide if it needs to go in the fridge or not.
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Im annoyed and I plan on writing a review
Got a response back. Said refrigerate after opening. Wish it was more clear on the packaging.
Thanks for posting. Guess my one bottle is ruined! So glad its such cheap stuff to throw away now!
I would contact them. I think the more they hear that the packaging needs to be more clear they will fix it!
I have a bottle that's been open for 3 weeks, unrefrigerated. But, I keep it in a cabinet in the house where its around 65 degrees. Do you think its ok still? I sure hate to throw away a brand new bottle. This is the first time I ordered it
I would not toss it just yet... call the company and see what they think..
That's under the 86 degrees so yeah according to the packaging it's fine
I failed to read the small print about refrigerating after opening as well. But one of the problems is that using Baycox for goats is "Off Label". It is made for horses, the dose for a horse is the whole 200 ml bottle. BTW most of the effective medications for goats are " off label".
I've had mine sitting on the counter in my kitchen for a couple weeks. Just put it in the refrigerator. Thanks for the info.
Talked to today via email. They said "Refrigeration not necessary as long as its kept cool"
Perhaps the refrigerate after opening was an after thought, from when people started buying it for their goats. Just to be sure it wasn't getting to warm. In some areas 86* is cool.
According to Plumb's Veterinarian handbook.. It says the 2.5% solution should be stored at temperatures at 25 degrees Celsius or below..
Didn't see the refrigerate after opening on the Toltrazuril bottle. So, kept in my barn here in Florida. Been in the 80's during the day. worked great for a couple weeks, then stopped working, used Sulmet and Coccidia cleared up in a couple days. I should have known that any medications need to be kept cool during the summer.
Hmm, and we might also be getting to the bottom of why some people are having trouble with it working for them. This is going to be helpful.
would certainly be a good explanation for it

very frustrating indeed
When in doubt ... Put medications in the fridge. Went to Sears yesterday and bought a small fridge - on sale - to put in my barn.
My vet told me to always store meds in frig for longer life..unless it state DO NOT REFRIGERATE. Plus it keeps my bottles clean from barn dust :D
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