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Toltrazuril actually works best as a preventive but it will treat coccidia. I prefer to add herbs to help address a treatment along with Tolt. As mentioned, dose is the same. Toltrazuril does not work the same way as sulfa drugs we give every 21 days. Im afraid frequent dosing may build a resistance. Here we dose once at 3 weeks old ( 1 cc per 5#) then we booster anytime there is a stressor, Like illness, banding, rehoming, severe wet stormy weather, weening, etc. Sometimes that can be once a month, other times can be a few times before weening. Personally, I would not give every 21 days as protocal if not needed.

"Due to its particular mode of action, which affects all intracellular structures of Coccidia, Toltrazuril (Compare the active ingredient of Baycox 5%¨)demonstrates very high efficacy, as shown by the following benefits:

-prevents or reduces the severity of lesions,

-stops oocyst shedding,

-improves growth rate,

-improves feed conversion.

These product characteristics make Baycox 5%¨ suitable for both therapy and metaphylaxis in domesticated animals.

Toltrazuril (Compare the active ingredient of Baycox 5%¨) damages all intracellular development stages of Eimeria (= Coccidia).

Toltrazuril affects schizonts, micro- and macrogametes, but not the tissue cells of the host animals, as was shown in light and electron microscopic studies.

These findings suggest that toltrazuril interferes with the division of the nucleus and with the activity of the mitochondria, which is responsible for the respiratory metabolism of Coccidia.

In the magrometes, toltrazuril damages the so-called wall-forming bodies. In all intracellular developmental stages, severe vacuolisation occurs due to inflation of the endoplasmatic reticulum.

Toltrazuril thus has a coccidiocidal mode of action.

The special mode of action results in the following advantages:

-toltrazuril acts on all intracellular developmental stages,

-toltrazuril does not interfere with the development of immunity,

-follow-up treatment usually is not necessary,

-even an advanced infection (after 3 - 5 days; gametogony) can still be treated successfully,

-the efficacy of toltrazuril is independent of the severity of the infection."
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