Too excited! Three new boys and 2 new girls!

Discussion in 'Mini Mania' started by Firestone Creek Farm, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. Firestone Creek Farm

    Firestone Creek Farm New Member

    Jul 11, 2008
    NC, USA
    I can't keep it quiet any more! I'm too excited! Mid-October we're headed to Maine to get Rosasharn HNC Uproar*S! And Old Mountain Farm Zoysia who has Michi Kasu as a grandmother! I SOOOOO love Michi. And then I've also pretty much decided to get Old Mountain Farm Stalactite! AND Gypsy Moon ArchAngel out of Simba and Luzcille AND a chamoisee doe out of SugarCreek Toshiba and SugarCreek Yours Truly!!! Want pics???

    This is ArchAngel

    This is Sugarcreek "yet to be named--I haven't decided yet"

    Old Mountain Farm Stalactite


    Old Mountain Farm Zoysia
  2. RunAround

    RunAround New Member

    Feb 17, 2008
    Congrats, thats a lot of goats. :)

  3. liz

    liz Well-Known Member

    Oct 5, 2007
    Shelocta PA
    What beautiful goats!!! Awesome genetics too,,CONGRATULATIONS :stars:
  4. bheila

    bheila New Member

    Jan 9, 2009
    Kent, Wa
    Oh my, they're all gorgeous :thumbup: :stars:
  5. ProctorHillFarm

    ProctorHillFarm New Member

    Congratulations- goaty road trips are so much fun! :greengrin:
  6. Firestone Creek Farm

    Firestone Creek Farm New Member

    Jul 11, 2008
    NC, USA
    I'm looking very forward to it! :) I wouldn't mind getting a few more girls, but I need more money. HAHAHAHA! Isn't that how it always goes?
  7. KW Farms

    KW Farms Moderator Supporting Member

    Jun 21, 2008
    Wapato, WA
    That's awesome!!! Beautiful goats...and AWESOME bloodlines!!! :stars:
  8. ProctorHillFarm

    ProctorHillFarm New Member

    You should stop by and say hello- you are going RIGHT through here :greengrin:

    (oh and you might be able to sneak a doe or two into your crates in the process!) :wink:
  9. toth boer goats

    toth boer goats Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Jul 20, 2008
    Corning California
    congrats ....very nice.... :love: :greengrin:
  10. HollowbeadRanch

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    Oct 5, 2007
    NW Alabama
    GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!
  11. Jenna

    Jenna New Member

    Jan 7, 2009
    Nice goats!! I just love Michi too! :love:
  12. RowdyKidz

    RowdyKidz Senior Member

    Apr 2, 2009
    NW Ohio
    Congrats! They are very gorgeous! :love:
  13. poppypatch

    poppypatch New Member

    May 30, 2009
    Montesano WA
    Congratulations!! What great purchases!

    We have a son from Uproar and just love him! He is super dairy and he has his daddy's cute wattles which he also passes on.
    At the fair we attended earlier this month his dry yearling daughter Bonnie went Jr. GCH and his milking yearling daughter(litter sister to the dry doe)was 1st yearling milker. That was the first time both had been shown.
    The judge really looked at that Jr. doe in the best in show lineup but the ADGA reserve national champion Toggenburg was also standing in that lineup so even though it went to the Togg Bonnie was still looking good out there.

    Poppy Patch Farm
  14. Firestone Creek Farm

    Firestone Creek Farm New Member

    Jul 11, 2008
    NC, USA
    Thanks, everyone! I got the MI Sugarcreek girl, Loona, (I named her Loona Tunes, since Tunes is her grandma) and the buck, ArchAngel (we're calling him Archie) today! They are both gorgeous!!! Oh, and I traded Kadabra for them, so I'm hoping she freshens with babies out of Simba (which is who Teena is going to breed her to) and maybe I'll get one of those later on. :) I love her lines, but she wasn't freshening for me, so I hope someone with more experience will be able to get her to settle. I think she was double-cycling or something and I was missing it. I dunno! But these two are beautiful, and ArchAngel is Simba's son (out of CV Eric), so I will be expecting some beautiful babies out of him this winter/spring, I am sure.