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Too funny not to share

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Ok so I have two bottle babies in the barn that we got tonight. I was heading outside to feed and saw an opossum. Went back inside to let hubby know. Hubby grabs gun to shoot, comes back in while I go to feed babies.....

Funny part? We have two chi wiener dogs (chihuahua - weenie mix) in the house. One is definitely mine while the other is my husbands. My dog, Belle, sees hubby grab a gun, both of us walk outside, hears two shots, and sees hubby walk in alone. She immediately lays on my coat in chair, shivers while staring at the door waiting for me to come inside. It takes me 10-15 mins to come in and she is SOOOO happy to see me! Poor thing thought he killed me :(
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Opossum stew after? That's a cute story :)
awww...poor baby! Lol...too funny!
:laugh:poor baby.
LOL! To me, that's nothing compared to what happened to us two years ago.
My great-grandma, who has a accent, calls us completely panicky. "Help! I saw the davil (devil) tonight! It was eating the cat food! It was repulsive!! Help me!" Now, she think that opossums are the "davil". The best part about this, is when a year later (2012) we were looking at Christmas lights. A opossums crosses the road. Me: "Look! The DAVIL!!!"

Lol. Too funny!
Haha! Poor thing! My weenie beagle would've eat him if she suspected that! Lol.

Hahah! We had a little Romanian lady live down the street when we lived in Alaska, and when we first moved in, afore mentioned weenie beagle ran out the door while we were moving boxes, this little Romanian lady was walking her ****zu Dow the road and my dog ran up barking and what not, this little lady grabbed her little dog and was screaming and carrying on. So I run out the door yelling "angel angel!! Come!" So as soon as my dog leaves her and comes back this little lady starts screaming and cussing in romanian(and I later found out, French, Italian, German, etc) until she finally remembers English, the she starts screaming, "that dog is not an angel, it's a demon! A devil! A menace!" And walks back down the road. Needless to say, this little lady and I became fast friends. Lol!
Belle definitely wouldn't leave my side for a while and refused to go near my husband
thats too funny...I have a chiweenie too..Ginger...her face looks chi while her body looks weenie lol...I love her!!
thats too funny...I have a chiweenie too..Ginger...her face looks chi while her body looks weenie lol...I love her!!
We have two. Belle is totally chihuahua. Face is chi, body is weenie and personality is all chi. Dixie however is all weenie lol. Body, personality and face are all weenie :) They are both from same litter, but man they are night and day. Dixie loves everybody and everything. Belle loves mama and hates all men except her daddy. (She even hates her daddy sometimes lol.)

I have a chihuahua and she totally loves me! Any time my brothers are teasing me like playin around she tried to bite them and all her hair stands up, lol
Too funny, dogs are so loyal to their owners!:)
Belle actually sleeps in between me and my hubby so he won't touch me, she tries to keep him from kissing me. If someone makes sudden movements towards me or tried to play hit/ rough house she will go after them. She is a nutcase!
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