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I just realized that the two new yearling does that I bought have "extra" teats. One of them has four total, 2 on each side right next to each other. Is this normal and will it cause a problem when she has babies? She is 80% Boer and 20% Spanish.

Next question is... I measured one of my goats with those dairy goat weight tapes and it says he weighs 150lbs. He is Boer/Spanish mix whether. How much does he really weigh or is that a good estimate?

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Thank you so much Nancy for your reply. That makes me feel better. Do you know of a more accurate way to find out their weights without a scale?
You're very welcome.
Unless you have a big strong man that can lift 100+lbs on a bathroom scale it's gonna be pretty difficult.
There IS a way, by measuring length, barrel, their brain waves & do all sorts of crazy mathematical contortions. :D
Maybe someone will post it for you.
Ive actually considered just taking my buck to the vet for a weight check as we dont have scale either.

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I have dairy goats, but I recently got Storey's Guide to Raising Meat Goats, as we might want to do that one day, and they have a tape weight chart for meat goats. Says it was developed in Australia by Boer goat breeders. :shrug: Here it is:

Inches Pounds
15 9.5
16 11.0
17 13.0
18 15.5
19 18.0
20 20.5
21 24.0
22 28.5
23 33.5
24 37.5
25 43.0
26 47.5
27 54.0
28 59.5
29 66.5
30 74.0
31 80.0
32 88.5
33 94.5
34 100.0
35 109.0
36 117.0
37 123.5
38 131.0
39 136.5
40 141.0
41 148.0

That's as far as it goes- sorry, didn't look till I got to the end. I guess it's for kids mostly :D

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Sorry that's a little weird looking- I typed it up nicely space, but the computer jammed it all together. :rolleyes:

Here's what I found on another forum:

With a tape measure-measure heart girth(around, right behind front legs)-measure body length(from where her neck meets her body to her tail head)
H.G X H.G.X B.L.=divide THAT total by 300. I use that on my market kids, who are then weighed at the buyers, i find it to be approx. 2 lbs different!

This was for meat goats, specifically. I don't quite understand it myself, but maybe you will. :)
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