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    Nov 10, 2007
    Since we are going to be building the goats there own barn/pen,I was thinking about making them some toys to play on. :wink: So what are some good ideas that your goats like? I was thinking maybe a platform that has like a "bridge" to other objects for them to jump on,at different heights.Pics would be great if you have them. :)

    how old do you breed dairy doelings,would it be ok to breed my new doeling ( 9 weeks old) for March kids?

    I know its early to worry about this stuff,but I want to be ready,so when should she start coming in heat and what should I be looking for? are they regular so that you can know when they will be in heat and will need to be taken to the buck? how long do they stay with the buck,and whats a approxamate $ for stud fees? I will breed her for dairy kids and Dingo for Boers.

    I will probably think of more later
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    Oct 5, 2007
    For toys, we have big rocks that we dug up, and we have a big rock that used to be part of a museum display(the goats chew it up though) spools make great toys.

    For breeding, I breed by weight, at least 90 lbs, and at least 8 months. Your doe might be a bit young for March kids. I only breed doe their first year if they are steady growers, if they have a growth spurt now and then, they don't get bred and are held over.

    Does are in heat every 18-23 days with 21 being the average. Signs of heat are fighting, tail wagging, swollen vulva, discharge, yelling(well screaming) restlessness and no appetite.

    For stud, you take them there, they do their thing and you take them home. I've never left them overnight because breeders around her don't allow it. Stud fee can be anywhere from $25-$100 depending upon the buck, but $35 is the average. It is important to contact a breeder in advance to make sure that they stud, breeders do not like surprise visits to use their bucks, and most breeders have closed herds.

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    Jan 29, 2008
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    When it became clear to me that the buckling (Cashmere, Casanova)I purchased wouldn't be "ready" for breeding season, I leased a buck from the folks I bought Casanova from. They are a fair distance but they happened to be coming this way for another reason, so they delivered him to me (they probably wanted to see where he was going also, because even though I had purchased a goat from them, they really didn't know "who" I was, you know?). So, they only charged me $50.00 for the lease (I have 4 does), just a verbal...we didn't sign anything. But, I did pay a delivery fee. So, because of distance and weather etc, they didn't schedule a "pick-up" till just recently (I got him in Nov). Hubby decided that we might as well use him again, since we'd had him so long, and he kind of liked him (and the kids are beautiful) so we decided to purchase him. The purchase price was only a few bucks more then the charge to pick him up and they deducted the $50.00 we'd already paid so it was practically a "wash" and we keep the goat. So, I'll probably use him one more season and then he'll be for sale. I don't really need two herds.

    When I first got the "girls" they could have been bred the first season, they were "well grown", but I didn't have a buck and didn't really want one the first year. I guess it was sort of a "get to know you, and keep you all alive" year. LOL.

    Is there a reason for wanting March kids? My first kids were born the 1st week of March, and it's pretty cold. You may rethink this as I was trudgeing through the cold/snow/freezing rain to check on the preggy girls. But, I managed and I'll probably do it again. Good luck!
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    Nov 10, 2007
    Maybe I will breed Kisses for April instead then,I know how I feel about being out in the cold. lol Then Id spend more time with the kids to,and if I decided to bottle raise that would be better to.

    Is it worth bottle raising if you only will have 2 does kidding,and how many times a day do the kids need fed/about how much time does it take? The issue with that would be working it around school. :roll:

    Do most people buying Boers want them born early though? I know they like meat whethers born early but not sure otherwise.

    I was thinking about March so they would be big/old enough for shows. What are the age classes for kids?