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    Here is the deal. I have grade Nigerian Dwarfs. I would really like to get at least one registered doe, and would love another reg. buck (especially since I may never get my bucks freaking papers.)

    I have 2 doelings, a first freshner, and a senior doe that I will be selling as soon as everyone is weaned. I would be willing to trade two of my non-registered does/doelings for a registered doe/doeling or buck/buckling. In other words, a pair of my does, for one of your registered goats. I know that many people have both pet quality and show quality goats. I'll probably breed Misty every year, and will never sell her, but she will always produce grade/pet quality for me, for example.

    In any case, I have a buckskin doeling who is almost two months with two blue eyes, and her mother, a heavily marked buckskin with very pale light parts and blue eyes. She is very striking. I will have a grey doeling with a gold tint and a white patch ready to go in a couple of months, along with a white doe with black speckles on her ears and nose who tends to throw gold or gold-tinted kids. She has an enormous udder, and is an excellent, experienced mom. I'm not sure exactly on her age, but I don't think she is more than 3 or 4.

    Let me know if anyone is interested. The sire of the grey doeling is registered. Mom is not. None of these have been dehorned. They use them to scratch themselves, etc. and I believe in leaving them.

    This is the buckskin doeling. This was only a day after she was born, and she is hunched in a corner. Her eyes were a dark blue, but they are now bright, bright blue. She is super friendly. I will be getting more photos of her in the next couple of days, all posed up as best I can so you can see her conformation better!


    This is the buckskin doe. She gave me twins. She is about a year old. She is not tame, but I think she could be won over. She is very striking, and is deep bodied and feminine.


    This is simply a close up of her face. I call her Doll. Her doeling above has the same eyes now.


    This is the grey doeling that will be available upon weaning.



    I don't have photos of Witch, the white doe, right now. I'll upload them tomorrow as they are on my PC.