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I have been searching for information on hiking trails, mostly the PNW, but also other states.

I found an excellent source for Idaho in the Trail Guide Books
and have a great one on the Sawtooth and White Cloud Mountains by Margaret Fuller, just google Trail Guide Books.

This one is excellent in describing over 127 trails ! Length, route, scale of difficulty, things to see, everything I want to know about a trail. It really gives me a bias towards Idaho, I am looking for similar for Wa and Or, so far havent seen any. Trail Guide also has other hiking areas in Idaho, Frank Church Wilderness, Western Idaho.

I'd like to see others post here the Trail Guides for their areas wherever you are.Even RI has some hiking trails although I dont know if goats would be welcome. But I would like to see the for sure trails where goats ARE welcome.

Wish I was at the Rendy now, but looking forward to the reports next week. And hoping that I can make next years rendy.
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