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Does anyone have any thoughts on setting up a goat packing trails database of some sort? I'm not sure exactly how to go about doing this, so any input would be welcome.

I know out west here, I can pretty much take my goats anywhere, but I've found a handful of trails that I really like taking the goats out on. I know a lot of you on the right-hand side of the muddy have trouble finding good trails that allow you to bring your goats.

I think that if we all started sharing our knowledge of good goat packing trails, we could put together some great information...
Here's how to find the trailhead...
There's poison oak to watch out for 2 miles in...
There's a great campsite 6 miles from the trailhead...
A mile in, there's a spot that's too narrow for a goat with panniers, but you can lead them up around to the left...
You get the idea.

When we're just out hiking, I like to find trails where the goats' capabilities shine, crossing terrain where I'd never take a horse. I also like to find trails where I'm less likely to encounter a lot of other people and dogs.

I don't know if this is something that could be done on this website, or if we'd have to set up a separate map website. Anyway, seems like there's some interest out there in sharing trail knowledge. Plus it would be awesome to run into another goat string out on the trail some time.

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I also think this is a terrific idea and I would be happy to contribute - although I lack the technical expertise to know how to get something like that set up....

Another helpful addition might be "trails that are off limits to goats." As you said, for the most part you can take your goats out anywhere here in the west, but I have found a few trails that specifically state "no stock animals". It would be nice to know before arriving at the trailhead whether I could take my wethers on the trail!
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