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I recommend that you have fun. Sounds like you are making it a chore. The more time you spend with them establishing yourself as the senior goat, the less time you will need to spend in 'training'.

As long as the goats don't panic when wearing the stuff, and brushing against bushes, the primary training they need is to recognize you as the leader so they stay with you and trust you when other things spook them.

For physical training, if you exercise with them, they'll be in the same shape as you. So if you carry a load similar to theirs it is unlikely that you would over work them.

You will want to spend time training them to stay out of a camp, and away from a campfire. Even if they don't eat the steak you have smokin' it won't be fun when it gets dumped in the ashes when one of the goats jumps over the fire or worse yet pees in the hot ashes while it is cooking.

You want them to stand back when you are getting into your packs so that the simple act of getting a snack doesn't turn into a wrestling match between you and all your goats.

You will want to train them to stay behind you when returning to the trail head, so that they don't run ahead and beat you to the parking lot where they put themselves in danger with the traffic.

... or if on leads to drag you back making you walk faster down the trail than you are comfortable going and putting yourself at risk for injury.

You will want to train them to wait patiently while loading them and the others. It is real annoying to have them all follow you in and out of your vehicle while you get the gear.

The actual packing is one of the smallest, and easiest things to teach them.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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