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    I thought I'd post about the training sessions I've been having with some of my girls. I've never shown goats and don't really know how to go about it. I've been to a few goat shows to watch and I have a friend who is very knowledgeable about it, so I've picked her brain. Anyway, I don't really know how to "train" the goats for showing, but I have done A LOT of dog showing and have trained quite a few dogs for conformation showing (among other things). Anyway, I clicker train a lot, so I figured I'd try it with the goats. And they are really smart!!

    Our first session was last weekend. I am mainly working with the girls. I probably won't show my buck. I'm sort of of the mindset that show wins on a buck don't prove much until he has daughters that are proving themselves (and him) in the milk pail. Anyway, I went on a tangent there...

    So first, I did some target training with them, that helps them to learn the clicker and that the click earns treats, but most importantly that their actions earn that click. They all caught on quickly, chasing the end of the crop that I was having them target by the end. Then I've been working on them standing still when I hold their collar behind their ears. My goal is to have them face forward and hold still so that I can then move their legs and stand them up and eventually stand still when a judge goes over them. Violette was my little superstar. She got to the point that when I would pull the collar up behind her ears and hold it, she would snap her head forward and then she'd roll her eyes to look at me, without moving her head of course! She was so cute. I haven't started working on running my hands over their body or picking legs up. But all of them (well except for bratty Cha Cha) will stand totally still when I hold the collar behind their ears! It's so cool what can be done with the clicker!

    I do have a question for those who have shown goats and trained them for show...When you are stacking them, where is the best place to grab their legs to place them? Do you grab their stifle or hock on the back legs? I'm guessing you grab the elbow on the fronts, but wasn't sure about the rear. In dogs, you grab their hock to place the leg. If you don't physically place the legs, how do you go about placing them where you want them? How do you train them to stack? Also, if you have a goat that won't "crouch" when you "tickle" its loin, how do you get them to do that? By the way, I have Nigerians!! I haven't posted very much so a lot of you might not be familiar with me and my goats!

    Thanks for listening!
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    good for you for workign with them early.

    as to how I go about stacking -- oh boy I dont even think about ti I just do it. Maybe someone who is more aware of their own actions can post their suggestions.

    as to the loin thing -- try just running your fingers down her back from her withers to her tail head. YOu will eventually get her to level out