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As far as being goofy around the ears, I agree with the above poster about her possibly have been eared down. Just work slowly with her, petting her other places, and slowly work your way to her ears, slow and gentle. It will take a while, but she will come around if you take your time and are gentle towards her.

As for the nipping, I have found that slapping a horse on the shoulder does little to no good for stopping nipping, and if you slap them on the nose, your at risk of making them head shy. I have 2 methods to stop biting that have worked fairly well for me. The first one is to carry a spray bottle of water on your hip, and if she reaches over to bite you, spray her right in the face with the water. You have to be watching, And you have to do it immeadietely after she bites at you, or right before.
The other is when they bite you or at you, put them into a lunge, right then right there, lunge them both ways 2-3 times, and then go on, if she does it again, do the same thing. I had a gelding that was so bad to bite when you were leading him, and I did this with him. It took forever to get anywhere with him for a while, but after just a few days, he got the idea. Both of these have worked for me on different occasions with different horses, and neither one will make them head shy.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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