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Treating goat with barber pole worms.

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I have a 3 y/o doe that I have been fighting to clear her up from barber pole worms. I treated her a month ago with ivermectin and synantic. Started to look a little better then went back down again. Someone on here told me that the eggs probably hatched so I wormed her again. I was also told to treat her again in 10 days. So I plan on doing that.

My question is. Is there anything else I can do to help her heal. Will B12 injections or probios help her any? If so how much do you recommend?

Going to have a fecal ran again on Monday.

Thanks so much for all of the help I have gotten so far. You all are fantastic.
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What dosage did you use on the Ivomec?
2 mls per 100 lbs. She weighs a little over 100. I gave her 2 1/2 mls, injectable. This is what the tech at the vets office that I got the wormer from told me to give. Any suggestions.
I would worm her 3 times 10 days apart. I would give the Ivomec orally at 1cc per 25 lbs. You can also give B Complex snd Probios.
Thank you so much. How much b12 and how often would you give?
Depends on the strength. What sheep dosage does your bottle say? You could give it once a day for a few days.
if she is also anemic, which is often the case with barpole, you will need to treat that as well...injectable iron or red cell can be used..
injectable is 4 cc per 100#, keep a large dose of Benadryl ready to drench in case she reacts to it...some goats are sensitive to injectable iron...

red cell is 6 cc per 100# daily for a week then once a week until eye color returns, the B 12 will help her rebuild her red blood cells as well...high protien feed, alfalfa and green leaves all help in that as well...

best wishes
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