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  1. Tapsmom

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    Sep 20, 2011
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    Ok. I am about to dose the herd with replamin. Because of the size of my herd, I get the large tube. But I had ND, so I have to pump it out and dose it by the teaspoon. I have not found a smaller syringe that will not clog for dosing. I was thinking of making some type of 2.5 mg "treat balls" but I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions. I figured that size would be good so I could give 1 to the ""teenagers" and 2 for each adult. I was also unsure if I made baked treats if that would affect the efficacy of the replamin. Any thoughts? My herd is 21 goats. 4 bucks, 2 wethers...and the rest are does (including 4 retained from this year)
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  2. MadHouse

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    I use the large tube as well. I use this applicator gun:
    Probios Applicator Gun for 300 mL tubes
    3-tab dosing applicator is used to administer oral paste or gel from 300 mL tubes.
    Probios Applicator Gun Key Points: features a lock pin that allows you to deliver a 5, 10 or 15
    mL dose
    for use with Probios, Vets Plus, AgriLabs, Kaeco, Quick Start, Trophy, etc.

    I squeeeze the amount into a scoop shaped corn chip, then use a broken chip to cover it. I first made sure, the goats accepted a plain scoop chip, then offered the Replamin chip sandwich. They all love it.
    I am not sure about dosing for teenagers, but I have always given 5 ml.

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    My goats are plate trained, I put the replamin on a plate and each one licks it up.

    Replamin works well with the corn chip or animal cracker method, make a sandwich to hide it.

    Don't bake it.

    Can always mix with molasses or peanut butter and a little flour, roll into a bowl and feed raw.
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    Apr 22, 2018
  5. MadHouse

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    I got that from TGS, I can’t claim the brilliance of it. I tried it and my goats took to it.
    (My girlfriend says “Huh, WE never get scoop chips!”)
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    I either mix it into their grain directly or mix it into applesauce. ;)
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    I don't treat my goats - and they are very suspicious when I try. Most of mine love the replamin straight out of the tube. Those that don't go in the milk stand and get their dose. Even my bucks in rut suck it out of the tube.
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    Sep 20, 2011
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    I think I will have to get the dosing gun, then. Some eat it..but many are suspicious lol. And I will also try some of your other suggestions. You guys are great!
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    Dec 11, 2019
    I give mine raw in treat balls. Don’t know for sure if cooking would damage the Replamin, but I suspect it might.

    The treat balls I do are peanut butter, molasses, and oats. My goats love them. They get really pushy when I give them out, but I think it’s still easier, both for me and them, than force feeding it.