Trimming/correcting severely over grown hooves

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by clawskitty, Apr 28, 2020.

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    Aug 8, 2014
    Ive had goats before, but I had never let their feet get this bad. I picked up two retiree girls and they are sweet, the others hooves are fine, but this girl, yikes. I know the toe needs to come off and I need to get the overgrown hoof walls to the ground and not folded over like they are, and those dew claws, wow do they need to be brought back down. Its been a few years, so I feel so new again. Can i just cut the folded over toe off and proceed like normal? Or can i only take small bits off the toe to help strengthen the muscles in the back end to walk normal again? I dont want to take too much off of her and mess her up. I can already tell she's gonna fight me on the trimming, So its gonna be a 2 person job, and probably a fence too. Any suggestions? Like i said, its been a while and none of my goats or sheep ever got like this, so im feeling newbyish here with this one. goat4.jpg goat3.jpg goat2.jpg goat1.jpg goat.jpg
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    Just stay in line with the coronary band and go until you see pink. You won’t cause anymore issues than those hooves are already causing on her joints. Just take off the curled parts and proceed like normal. Good luck! She will be good as new in no time.
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    Maybe have some blood stop powder on hand to stop any bleeding you might accidentally achieve. I know I'd be anxious to take off as much as I could. Just do a as much as you can until you see that pink quick. Make sure to keep an eye out for hoof rot too. Good luck!
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    Soak them well, warm Epsom salt water would be good. It will make the hooves softer and the trimming a lot easier. You can take a Baggie, fill with the warm water and put the foot into it, wrap tape around to hold it on then start trimming the other feet. (Easier then messing with buckets)
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    I trimmed hooves that sever and normally I didn't have an issue and was able to get them back down to normal. Trim the toe and then proceed from there. Good luck, the does will be very thankful
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    Trim a little bit at a time, looks like the toe tip area's are the worse, so work on those.
    Don't cut the heal, if the toe is still too long, you want it to be a flat surface to walk on.
    View the video for what to look for (goal).

    If you see pink stop and wait about 3 weeks is best, but you can go every 2 weeks, trim a little bit at a time, see pink stop.
    This video helps determine goal lines.
    It may take a while to get there.
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    This doe looks to have rickets along with the other neglect.
    I have seen many cases this year for some reason.
    If you agree it won't hurt anything in her world to give 1 teaspoon cod liver oil daily on her grain. It will also help loosen the tension on her tendons and soften the feet, hmm that's not the right word, um make them more elastic.
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    Jun 18, 2011
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    Can't wait to see the "after" photos!
  9. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
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