Triplets+ birth, how to be most prepared

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    Nov 11, 2009
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    So, I have a doe who is due in a few weeks who we strongly suspect has triplets or more. When drawing blood (for herd testing) on her last night, there was strong kid movement on both sides, top, and bottom, and she is HUGE (I need to get a new pic from the top to show), and is a first freshener. I worry about triplets or more because we haven't had a birth like that before...I worry about presentation, etc...and then the potential for weak kids if it is more than trips. Any advice would be great at this point...I plan to get the monitor in the barn in the next couple of days, but other than thatI have a Save a kid tube/syringe thing (that I need to learn how to use), and colostrum replacer in case also. :help: I am nervous about this one...I've been waiting for her to be bred so long, and now it is looking like a few-at least- are in there. :pray: for healthing babies...
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    You said you have the save a kid tube - which is great (I can help you use it if you need it - you should have my number if not PM me and I can give it to you)

    Do you have bottles? some FF dont have enough milk or know they need to stand more often so that all the kids can nurse so supplementing with a bottle is helpful

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    Nov 11, 2009
    Shenandoah Valley, VA
    Yep..we've got it, and probably most importantly, a cell phone number of someone who could help! Thanks Stacey-you are still plugged into my phone! :)
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    If it makes you feel any better, I had two sets of triplets born last year. There was no problem with those kiddings & all of the kids had no problem nursing & getting enough milk. My problem kidding last year resulted in a single buckling that had his own head twisted back & we couldn't get it into place--emergency c-section resulted with a healthy kid & mom is doing great and is expecting again in March of this year.
    I'm a little worried about quads or more though. Two of my does are really large compared to the others this year so I'm not sure what I'll end up with.
    You can run into issues with single kids or multiples..the best we can all do is educate outselves & be prepared. Sounds like you are doing your best to have things ready in case things don't go naturally.
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    My first sets of triplets was something I will never forget! Both my girls...Bootsie and Dolly were on their 2nd freshenings and each had triplets within days of each other...that was my first experience with helping a delivery because each of their firsts were textbook, I didn't have enough towels or hands to dry faces etc because they all came so fast! Bootsies were all 3 within 15 minutes and Dollys were within 20 minutes, By the time I had the firsts face cleared, the 2nd was out..then the 3rd.
    Even FF moms have a strong maternal instinct, and if they do have triplets, they seem to know what they need to do.
    I've never had a weak kid so I can't help there but I totally advise having alot of towels, extra hands and as soon as you get the nose cleared, put the kid in front of mom to bond.
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    We have triplets and quads over here on a regular basis (twins are pretty rare and singles are almost unheard of over here! LOL)

    I definitely agree with everyone else.... be prepared for the worst...but more than likely all will go just fine. My does all nurse their kids just fine (without supplementation)

    I think the only thing I do differently wih multiples is I keep them separated with mom for longer than I do twins... 3 or more will spend 5 days in a pen with just mom, that way I don't have to worry about anyone getting lost when they get turned out into the field. :)

    I do go throw A LOT of towels for every birth.... I've found that the disposable potty pads from Jeffers are a GREAT buy for birthing because the fluids in multiple births can really make a giant mess of a stall! :)