Tumor Scare... please help

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  1. Reba is my beloved goat who I have had for 5 years now. She is 11 years young and has had a series of health issues in the past.
    Reba is chronically underweight and I don't know why (I have dewormed her MANY times and she has a good diet) but that is not my concern right now. Today I found a mysterious, bright pink lump on her rear. Just above her anus. I think it is a tumor, I moved it around and it is definitely attached to her skin. It isn't an abscess or pimple. I looks like a clump of abnormal skin cells.
    I am going to try to get it biopsied but I am really worried about her.
    Has anyone seen anything like this? What should I do, are there any blood tests available?

    Another doe of mine is having, what looks to be, a miscarriage. Not a very good day at the farm :'(

    Please excuse the gross photo... Reba is not very pleased to have such a personal image on the internet

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  2. ksalvagno

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    Did you ever test her for Johnes disease? I'd have a vet look at her.

  3. She was negative when I got her and my herd whole is negative so I doubt it's that
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    Get a vet to test it.

    Did you get a fecal on her for worms and cocci?

    If she doesn't have worms, she may have cocci. Cocci doesn't always show scouring but rapid weight loss.

    The 2nd pic, she doesn't look like she feels well. Is she eating and acting OK?
  5. Vet is coming tomorrow to perform a biopsy. Her fecal tests at the vet were done last year and the vet found a few barberpole eggs so we dewormed her but her symptoms never changed.
    Cocci has been on my mind but the vet told me that it usually presents itself with diarrhea (i know that is not totally true) and her weight loss has been chronic... not rapid. I just am not sure about how to get her to gain weight.
    I will chat with the new vet (the one coming tomorrow) to see what he thinks. For now she is not lactating, fully dewormed, copper + BoSE loaded, free choice kelp and minerals, hay and/or pasture access 24/7, Red Cell when needed, 4c rolled oats and 3c alfalfa pellets every day and the poor goat still. will. not. gain. weight.
    She still has a great appetite, the picture is just her attitude, very calm and lovey.
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    You can try rice bran.
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    I would get a fecal done while your vet is out - including cocci. Lots can happen with wormload in a year. Hope the vet helps you figure out her problem, she looks like a sweetie.
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    Your vet is wrong, it doesn't always show scouring anymore. If indeed she has cocci, it is destroying her gut lining and causing her to not be able to absorb nutrients, this unfortunately maybe permanent, if the cocci is caught too late.
    Do get a fecal for worms and cocci in case. Otherwise it may be a disease, cancer to tooth issues. :(
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    Skin cancer is certainly a possibility, it happens in goats that don't have a lot of pigmentation in the tail web. The cases I have read about or seen have all presented as dark colored growths, not red like on Reba but it is still possible.
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    For a goat her age that his chronically underweight, the first thing I think of is tooth problems. Have the vet check her teeth and look for sharp points, decay, wear, missing teeth, etc. that may cause her to be unable to chew properly. One of my goats had pretty bad tooth wear by the time he was nine. I only noticed because he lost weight and couldn't seem to gain it back even in summer. We started him on pelleted feed and he gained weight right away. I hope you can get to the bottom of whatever ails your doe, and I hope the tumor is not malignant.
  12. UPDATE:

    Vet does not believe that she has cocci if the other vets didn't catch it and if she has been underweight for the past 6+ years. If it was cocci it would have flared up by now or she wouldn't be in the stable condition she is. Reba is not emaciated, just boney. I will test her myself, scrutinizing the sample and *hopefully* I will find something conclusive.
    Because she is chronically underweight the vet said it could be metabolic or systematic. That being skinny is Reba's "norm." I am not sure that I entirely believe that though! One of my milk customers suggested trying raw cannabis for her because apparently it supports homeostasis. Thoughts?

    She got the growth removed. Vet sent it to the lab for histology and now I am just waiting for results. He told me it could potentially be a granuloma (best case) and perhaps squamous cell carcinoma (worst case), SCC is a more common skin cancer apparently. Either way, he got the whole thing out and it shouldn't return. I guess I will be trying SPF in the future!

    He checked her teeth and they seemed fine. She lost one in the front a while ago but vet said she had plenty of molars left. Also, she eats just fine. I have been giving her peanut butter for the calories but I think I will be looking into more options. Rice Bran was a good idea... thanks!

    I just love Reba, she is such a trooper and puts up with all my poking and prodding. She will take yucky dewormer right out the syringe voluntarily, she loves my company + head scratches, and is such a goof! I try to keep reminding myself that she is a livestock animal first and a pet second but I can't help trying to exhaust all efforts to improve her quality of life. We all have those goats who just "get it" and Reba totally does, she's a wise old soul.
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    Have you tried rumen boluses?
  14. toth boer goats

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    Hopefully the results are good for her.

    Glad the vet looked at her and removed all of the growth.

    Good luck.
  15. toth boer goats

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  16. Update:

    Good News!

    Reba's growth is called a 'Sebaceous Epithelioma' and is totally benign (not cancerous)! :)
    And that's not all.... Reba (at the ripe old age of 11) is pregnant too! Reba is thrilled to be a mama soon. I believe she will be due around Christmas.

    For everyone out there who has a goat with a tumor like Reba's: Sebaceous Epithelioma looks a lot like Squamous or Basal Cell Carcinoma. The case summary I got from the lab says that, "sebaceous tumors are a recently identified entity in goats" so they do not know a lot about it. Either way, it is important to rule out cancer in your pet but please try not to worry until you know for sure!
    Her tumor was completely removed and she is healing very, very well.
  17. toth boer goats

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    That is great to hear, congrats and can't wait to see her babies when she has them. :)
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