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Discussion in 'Goat Frenzy' started by keren, Mar 10, 2009.

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    Oct 26, 2008
    #1. Do bucks sometimes get a bit carried away and chase and mount does that arent actually in heat? I had a bit of a disaster this morning and Heath got in with Padre and his girls. Well he was chasing and mounting Possum, Fiona, Calamity and Vanity. Well its been 9 days since Possum was served by Padre, 8 days since Vanity was served, 6 days since Fiona was served and 5 days since Calamity was served. So really, they shouldnt have been on heat, should they? Which is why I think maybe Health was just getting a little carried away?

    #2. How do I put this ... is it possible for a buck's 'equipment' to be erm, too short? Watching Padre mate the does, it really doesnt seem all that big, doesnt seem to come out all that far, and he seems to leave a lot of stuff on the does' vulva.
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    Bucks are randy boogers aren't they? lol My boys will chase down a doe that is preggy or open and no heat........just because. They are separated but the off chance that the boys are out and my elder doe opens their (girls) gate, those boys do their darndest to get those girls!

    As far as being "too short", it is possible that he can't extend fully due to a deformaty within the sheath, but if your does don't return to heat I'd say that he's not having problems doing his job. :wink:

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    Oct 26, 2008
    cheers :thumb:

    Actually, there are many, many buck 'questions' this time round. Cos apart from Padre's equipment (I will watch to see if the does return), there is also the question of Heath's fertility (I'm giving him one joining period then putting trav in) and also Trav's kids from last year have been a little disapointing in terms of their kid hair - they never really developed proper mohair and I've just shorn the baby hair off them. So the question being whether his kids this time around do the same thing ...

    Then there is also the question as to whether anyone managed to reach Maddie when she was in season lol both padre and heath had a go