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THIS DOE IS STILL AVAILABLE!!!! I have only two doe kids left before kidding season starts in mid march. The first is a two-tone chamoisee, her sires dam was the first place three year old at the 06 nationals and her dam was the 19th place milking yearling at the 05 nationals. Rhythms dam and two sisters can be seen on my web page. Her sisters are trill and lyric. And her dam is Tempo (reference doe page) her sires dam peek can also be seen on the buck page.
SOLD!!! The second is a very late kid born in august, she is a two -tone lacender chamoisee. Very flashy little doeling. Her dam can be seen on the sr. dpe page "chrome" was only shown on time this last summer and easily won her class at the 07 oregon state fair. Tanzys 3/4 sister can also be seen on the sr. doe page. JuJu is a very flashy yearling with a beautiful mammery. JuJu was also only shown once this year and was fourth with third udder in a very large competitive class of yearlings.
Also we still have no reservations this spring! Lots to choose from! Take a look at the the breedings page!
Thanks for looking!
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