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Two new babies

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Wow, what a weekend last weekend was! We went for a 12 hr drive to beautiful Pa. to purchase a doeling from Liz. She is a Pygmy/Nigi mix and quite a little character. Thanks Liz! We arrived home at 9pm Saturday and got our new baby "Cricket" settled in for the night, finally getting to bed at midnight. At 6:30 am Easter morning I went to the barn to check on Cricket and found our Nigi doe "Trixie" in labor. We were on baby watch for the day when at 4 pm Trixie delivered and little boy! Quite a weekend for us oldies!


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Gina, Congratulations on all your new additions. That baby is sure a sweet looking one. :clap:
Cricket is adorable too but that baby has a great expression- you're going to be having fun! Congrats on both.
He is a handsome lil' boy and I am so glad that Cricket is settling in for you!! And happy that she has " babies" to play with too!
Thanks, We have decided to name the little guy "Diablo" because of his markings.
Diablo suits him! He is sure to grow up to be a handsome fellow!
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