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    Does anyone happen to know off hand what the rules are for transporting goats from the U.S. to a new owner in Canada? I'm sure they need health certificates & probably need to be T.B. tested because of Minnesotas TB status. Do you think there going to be quarantine involved? I am an hour from the Canadian border & we have a canadian family interested in getting some kids from us in the spring.
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    Its a serious pain in the butt! I live a couple hours from the border and have had a couple people ask me about it. You have to go through the usda - have your property inspcted, then a bunch of bloodwork, quarentine for - I think oit was 6 months - with checks in between and THEN you can ship out.

    Quarentine pens can not be within so many feet of other animals and where no others have ever been, bleach area for in and out, own feed - all kinds of crazy things is what we found out.

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    ooh, well since they are only wanting to start out with the goats as pets..it'll probably be a lot easier for them to find something in canada :( I'll have to do some more research.
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    i wanted to bring animals through canada. and you have to jump through MANY hoops to get there. It maybe easier to ship them on air
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    This is something I'm interested in and have been researching a little -but funds dont allow to pursue further at the moment. Anyway - I could be wrong, TB is good, but also Scrapies, CAE and all that has to be cleared . High health status. Would have to be done by approved labs, and all that jazz. Lot of paper work and red tape - but it is doable. It will add to costs though. B.
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    Really, it depends if you're importing a buck or a doe. If it's a buck all you need is the import permit and to make sure the breeder on the other side has all the health papers in order. For a doe you need to be in the scrapie program for at least 18 months on both sides. You need a vet that approved to do the tests for your state and that, of course, falls on the customer. It's around 150-200 per goats for all the tested needed for the goat to cross the border. As far as I know it's easier for the customer to pick up the goat and cross the border with it themselves. They have all the health certificated necessary and they also have their permit to bring the goat across. This is for a buck. It's not worth it for a doe. You vet should be able to tell you or direct you to someone who knows all the steps to get the goat into Canada. This is mostly from the Canadian side of things to do.