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UC and Ammonium Chloride

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I took my 4 month old weathered Pygmy to the vet Wednesday as he wasn’t acting himself…when we got to the vet he was dribbling urine so vet did an ultrasound of his bladder. Did not see any debris, etc in his bladder but did extend his penis a few times and he started peeing and acting like himself. Vet prescribed Banamine for 5 days and AC every 12 hours for 3 days then treat as a preventative. I had to order and overnight the AC and it arrived today. My little guy is acting like himself again thank goodness but I’m trying to figure out how much AC to give for the next 3 days…vet said 4250mg…how much is that in teaspoon form?
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There should be a calculator on the internet if you search convert mg to teaspoon.
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