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    May 28, 2010
    Okay so my doe Lacey (boer) has had 3 sets of kids now and I'm her bag is huge and she a good mama and has enough milk for like 8 kids but that's not the point. Her for kids the first one I got out of her never bred part of her udder hangs down like theirs milk in it, but theirs not and the other side is tight against her body. This last set of kids that are three month old she had was 2 does, ones udder/ bag is tight and not saggin but the other is really sag and moves a lot when she runnins it was Like this since she was born. I'm really worried their mom has some nubian I just want to know if this happened to anyone else babies or I should be worried
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    It isn't unusual for a maiden doe to have one side swell and enlarge without having milk. If you breed her both sides will normally be even and milk just like other does. That is, they are rarely exactly the same but should be real close. Three of my 4 doelings this year have one side swelled some.

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    wow...you are saying.... that the Does that have lop sided udders... have never been bred..... it seems genetic somehow..... :chin: :scratch: