Ugh...I have stooped to this...

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    Hi, I'm Amanda

    *Group* "Hi Amanda"

    ...And I'm addicted.

    *From the crowd* "Just let it out!"

    ...When I have trouble sleeping in the middle, as I do often as I am also a :coffee: I....I....I shop for goats. :oops:

    *Group cheers* "Good for you! You can do this!"

    ...It has been about 5 mins since I last visited the Goats For Sale forum. About 10 minutes since I last visited CL...and...well...

    *From the crowd* "We aren't here to judge, just open up"

    Well, I am supposed to wake up around 6 to get ready to go to my favorite breeders and make a buck kid choice for this season! I am shopping and the main reason I can't sleep is because I am picking out a kid tomorrow!

    *Group* -Ghasp!- "There may not be help for you here..."

    Oh...Okay!! :thumbup: :coffee2:
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    Oct 4, 2007

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    Sounds just like me! LOL Have fun picking out your new buck!!!!!!! YAY!!!
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    HeHe....have a great time.... :wink: :greengrin:
  5. pennylullabelle

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    I have a buck picked out! He is a younger sister to my doe, Porsche. He is by Rosasharn TL Sitka Spruce *S out of ARMCH Lost Valley TB Infinity 4*D. It would have been very hard to go wrong with any of the 3 bucks from this kidding with Infinity being finished and VERY dairy as well as Sitka and the improvements he provided from this pair last year. But, this little guy is very social and sweet as well as loud and level. Pictures soon! Thanks everyone :)
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    :drool: :drool: HE IS SOOOOO CUTE!!!! hahaha I got to BE THERE!!! when you picked him! AHHHH i loved him
  7. pennylullabelle

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    Cuddling with me...
    At this point he was warm and about to fall asleep...
    Okay, he's peeing, but you can see his length and width...

    Name is pending. Roll's Royce (band name Royce) or Bentley are on the table right now.
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    I like Royce! Its not as common as Bently...
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    Oct 19, 2009
    He's adorable! Congrats :D

    I went to HS with a Royce. Good name :)
  10. pennylullabelle

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    You know...I was playing with the names and thought, "where have I heard of a Bentley..." and then I was like...."oohhh...didn't Britney Spears name one of her sons Bentley..."

    Hahaha, so that definitely bumped Royce up as my favorite! But Sarah (at Castle Rock) has to approve firsts!
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    Dec 5, 2009
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    I like Royce too :wink:

    And I can't believe I have a new buck too!!! Just what I needed! LOL
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    Im kinda jealous LOL I didnt get one and you 2 did
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    curious, but why would you want to have a buck out of the same cross as a doe you have, if you havent seen the udder outcome? just seems like an expensive risk, not saying that she won't havean awesome udder, but what if its not what you expect or something..

    not dissing your girl and new purchase, but even though both her parents are awesome.. what if the genetics in that cross don't meld like they should, and you now have 2 animals out of it, and one is a buck. just saying she has some proven crosses that she's done before, and has does outof different bucks who have freshened..

    not trying to be a negative nancy.. i'm just really really picky when it comes to buying any goat, especially a buck. and if i'm shelling out 250-700 dollars for a herdbuck, i want proven udders in the line out of the sire AND dam. i blame getting taken advantage of as a new goat person with a couple breeders, and one lady, who was a judge, sold me a buck kid that had the "milking genetics" he was like.. double baywatch and some other fun stuff thrown in, but she didnt have photos or a sibling or half sibling in milk to show me.. and even though she sold him to me for 150 cause of 4H, he still threw mediocre udders.. needless to say all that line is gone from my herd.

    just saying
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    Sara - thanks for the input, really!

    ...I will be honest. I tossed this around a bit. I like everything about Porsche so far. And I have met Mercedes, Tesla and Vespa (all related, notice the vehicle theme). But there's a risk no matter what, isn't there? The Sara/Montego cross has worked so well that Sarah is keeping a buck from her for her own herd. But who has those lines worked with? Well, Sarah's lines...right? So, just because it worked there, doesn't mean it will work for me. And I do have a couple of related animals, but most are not. So, for me, it would have been as much of a gamble to get a Sara son as an Infinity son (these were the two I was considering more, though Ali or Honey would have also been FANTASTIC choices). So...what it came down for me is...a "feeling" I guess. Something I see on Infinity that I really want in my herd. And I am moving within an hour of Sarah and all of my does meet her requirements for buck service. So, I will have access to her Moon son, her Sara son, and her others. But she is not keeping a buck from this set or repeating the breeding as Sitka is back in Oregon. And when I met the buckling...I decided, okay, this feels right.

    Sound crazy? I have to hope relying on our "eye"/instinct and the input of the people we trust is the best we can do when faced with good genetics and the chance that it may not work out! Sarah said she just keeps going back to him, so I felt like that was a good sign.
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    Jun 26, 2008
    Yucaipa ca
    does she have sitka kids in milk out of infinity? i know the others are out of her, but they are diff bucks.

    I have a montego daughter, and i loveher (its BIRD!) and i know montego has made some AWESOME daughters, and bird is a huge huge huge improvement over her mother. and milked alot before we almost lost her. and my favorite line at castle rock is the sara line. I guess to each their own.
  16. pennylullabelle

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    I have one Montego daughter as well. She hasn't freshened yet though. And I am bringing in a Rebel Granddaughter. So, I am definitely a fan of those lines. I have *almost* all 50 some goats at Castle Rock memorized by name. It took me a few visits! But Sara, Ali, and Infinity stand out so much to me that I had them nailed the first visit. For me, that means I LOVE these does :)

    But no, no udders out of Sitka and Infinity. Udders out of Infinity daughters as well as Sitka daughters have been very very nice. Infinity has passed on some small teets, but they are very open and easy to milk. I'd rather small and open then huge and...haha you're not going to get anything out! lol Anyways, so again a risk here. No question. But Sarah would not hesitate to whether a buck if she thought it wasn't a good combination. She admits to weathering bucks from Moon, Honey, Sara even! And again Sarah is keeping a Sara son and I'll be eager to try him on a few does myself. But if she only had one buck and the buck kids out of Infinity they are quickly...I'd have been kicking myself in the butt! However, I am waiting for Ali and Sara to kid and considering a doe....ssshhh don't tell my boyfriend, he doesn't know yet! He still thinks I'm crazy for reserving a buck kid! "We have a buck, don't we?" "Yes, but who do I breed to his daughters?" "Oh..."