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    O.k. so here's the deal...Swiss Miss has a buckling that was born about 8 hours ago & I am yet to see the little guy find the teat to get a drink. Do you think he'd be going downhill more if he hasn't gotten any milk? Maybe he has gotten a few drinks & I just haven't seen? I attempted to milk mom out about an hour after he was born but her teats are so incredibly small that I could hardly get any colostrum out. It was probably less than an ounce but I forced the kid to drink it. Then I found some Colostrum powder mix that I had & tried to feed him that but again, I probably got less than an ounce in him.
    The barn is about 46 degrees F (outside temp is -14) and the little dude is shivering so I made a quick make-shift coat for him which he is not thrilled about at all.
    I just ran out & tried holding mom still & putting baby's head up to the teat but he wouldn't drink.
    What do you think I should do? If a kid wasn't getting any milk, how long before he starts getting weak?
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    I finally went to sleep at 2am or was it 3am--somewhere around there bu anyhow..woke up now at almost 5 am to hear buckling on my barn camera & it appears that he's getting some milk---hooray!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so much better now--I just really didn't want to lose any more kids this year!!

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    Yay! Im so glad that he is eating now. Congrats on the new baby and sorry about the one you lost.
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    Just making sure they get that colostrum ASAP is the key! YOU DID GOOD!
    Nothing cuter than the nigerians! Better get us a pic of him :)
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    the little guy is doing great now, I think he's going to be just fine :)
  6. toth boer goats

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    Glad the baby is doing better... :hi5:

    I always make sure ...I take the plug out of the orifice(teat ends) so the colostrum/milk ...can come out ....sometimes the kids don't have... enough sucking power... to remove it....then... I take a 12cc syringe ...fill it with mom's colostrum and feed it to the kid.. the 1st colostrum is introduced...I then...try to get the kid to suckle from mom.....if ...the kid... can't figure it out... I then.. give another 12cc's of momma's colostrum... in a syringe (without needle) they now have colostrum.. :wink:

    I put food ..grain and water... in for the mom a stall ...with a heat a lamp...then ...I make sure.... the kids cords are dipped ...with iodine and leave for a couple of hours..... I come back and try to teach the kid again... some already find it... by the time I get back.......once they find it on their own... they will find it from now on..... best way to know if... the kid is getting any colostrum/milk... is to feel the tummy.... is it full or empty.....

    With small teats ...she sounds like a First timer... don't milk her totally out...the kids need the colostrum....and it is best to ...have the kid get milk directly from her... to help to stimulate her... to drop milk..........all you have to do is ...milk out enough.... to make her comfortable..after she 1st it for the babies...feed it to them or freeze it...
    I find... when I milk out the 12cc's into a syringe from both sides.. it relieves just enough.. pressure...

    You can get oxytosin(sp) from the vet... to help with milk let down...also feeding Alfalfa... graining her....and give plenty of water... will help... along with ...bumping and having the kids suckle from her....

    Glad you put a sweater on the kid...good thinking... :hi5:

    When you are trying to get the kid to drink from the teat... tickle the tailhead on the top of the back... it helps to stimulates the kid.... Open the kids mouth and try to squirt a little momma's colostrum in the mouth....then release kid...and tickle the tailhead.... the kid should start searching for the teat....with soft guidance the kid to the teat until it is found... that is how I do it... :wink:
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    Here he is:

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  8. pelicanacresMN

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    Another pic of him:

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    He's adorable!! Love his pink nose :love:
    Congrats again on such a healthy and cute baby :hug:
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    Mar 7, 2010
    So very cute!!!
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    OMG what a cute little guy! I'm glad he's doing well!
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    So adorable...... :love: :thumb: :greengrin:
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    You can't get any cuter than that! Great pictures too.

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    Adorable! I love the black spot around his eye! It reminds me of the Little Rascles.
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    Soooooooooo darn cute! Happy for you that he is doing so well!
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    He is a keeper! love the black patch on his eye! thanks for sharing him!
    cutest I've seen! :thumbup:
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    Oct 14, 2010
    :love: He is the cutest white ND I have ever seen!!! :drool:
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    I see he has only been nursing off of the one side of mom so I've been milking the other side out & trying to bottlefeed him those amounts. Every time I see him nurse, it looks like he is barely getting anything but her udder is "deflated" on the side he is nursing from so hopefully he is getting more than I think. I weighed him yesterday & he is at 3 pounds so I'll be keeping an eye on that weight so it doesn't drop.
  19. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
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    Teach the kid... to the other side... everytime see him nurse... put him on the ignored teat....he needs to know.... there are 2 sides there....I have taught some in the past....because... I was worried about the full side..... he will ....eventually go back and forth.... :wink:
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    Silly boy! Yep get him to nurse off of that other side :) Our very first kidding last summer - we had a single and he'd try to stay on one side...poor mama was so lopsided LOL We worked with him and got him going on the other side - hubby also milked her out a few times until he got the idea <we put the milk in ice trays, froze it and put it in freezer bags in our deep freezer in case of emergency!>.