Uh, not only my brother & dogs, now my sis & rabbit

Discussion in 'Other Pets' started by keren, Jan 6, 2009.

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    Oct 26, 2008
    Honestly, how did I manage to be the only one in the family that has any amount of animal related common sense?

    My sis has this little rabbit, George, she dropped him out at my place a while ago to look after while she was on holidays. Well he arrived looking just about dead - thin as a rake - and I asked what she feeds him and ... well he doesnt exactly get a balanced, regular diet. She said well a couple days ago he had half a watermelon and half a rockmelon, the day before that he only had a carrot. :angry: She wont give him rabbit grain/pellets because 'its too expensive' - hello, I got 20kg of the stuff for $12! Well while he was here, I gave him a bowl of rabbit meal and pellets every day and lo and behold, he looked like a normal, plump rabbit when he went back yesterday.

    Now, I only just got home after a 13hr trip, but dad just told me she called during the day asking what to do cos the rabbit was almost dead - from the heat today (jumped from 34 degrees to 39 degrees yuck). She rang dad and asked what to do, said he was lying in the shade but barely moving. Well, hello, he's an indoor/outdoor rabbit and she has an air conditioned house. Bring him inside! And when he's outside, give him some ice bricks or wet towels to lay on. Not that hard to figure out I would have thought???

    Sorry to rant. Been a loooooong hot day and I hurt and I'm ready for bed.
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    *Sigh* :(

    I hear about things like this way too often...I think people go out and get pets with good intentions...but with no foresight whatsoever into what care the animal will actually require.

    I talked to some people once that could not figure out why their pet ferret was overweight and sick all the time...well, come to find out, the only thing the fed it was Doritos and McDonald's french fries...because that was "the only thing it would eat"...

    It's hard because she's your sister, but you might have to be a bit harsh and explain that her rabbit did not get to choose its owner/life...it's unfair to him to receive improper care because he has no choice in the matter...it is her responsibility to learn as much about taking care of him as she can and spend the money necessary to make his life as good as it can be. That is part of what pet ownership is about. You might want to print her a rabbit care sheet from the internet to get her started...

    This is a tough one Keren...I don't know what other advice to give...between her and your brother I am suprised you have any hair left...

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    Jan 5, 2009
    It is terrible what you have to put up with with your siblings and their pets! At least you can give them advise, but still...
    You are not ranting by any means, it is so annoying when people get a pet just because it looks cute, its pretty, or simply just to say that they can have one when they have no idea how to care for it and no intention of doing so! I think that FunnyRiverFarm's suggestion is a good one about running her off a rabbit care sheet, as long as she doesn't take it the wrong way. You'll have to leave a post for my sis if you want to know the site, but we have a care sheet that we have taped to the fridge with a rabbit's dietary needs and how to make up a balanced diet with only some supplimental pellets with vegetables/greens and fruits that you can mainly get from your backyard and garden. I know that it is annoying to do so, but if she refuses to buy the pellets mabye you could just drop some off so that she can see for herself how much better the animal does on them?
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    Jan 4, 2009
    That's so sad :sigh:

    So many people don't understand that when you bring an animal home that you need to take responsibility for it. They're not toys or decorations, they're living feeling creatures. People that don't understand that shouldn't have any animal.

    I think the best you can do is to gently educate her. Even if it's just giving her caresheets as has been suggested. Regarding diet, the House Rabbit Society has good information:

    Binky Bunny is good as well:

    I can imagine how frustrating this is for you :hug: