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Ultracruz Copper Bolus

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Hello again!
I recently ordered some ultracruz copper bolus (4g) for my goats, and I had a couple of questions.
My black doe I know for sure needs it, she should have shed out her coat by now and she should be looking glossy like her sister (red buckskin), as well as the fact that she has turned a lighter rusty color.
I will attach photos but I believe my white doe may also need some? She is a Pygmy so she has a thicker coat, but I believe she is getting a fish tail, so would that be cause to dose her?
Also, I don’t believe so, but does my buckskin girl look like she needs some?
My main worry is that I would overdose them with too much. I have been supplementing them with some purina goat free choice minerals, although they haven’t taken much of it.
Since they are smaller, would they still take a full pill? Or should I pour out part of it?
Also, would I be able to pour out a pill and put it in a banana or marshmallows if they don’t take the whole thing?

Sorry for all of the questions! Thank you all in advance.

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I have never used the bolus, but use loose copper sulfate weekly. I do one pinch of the loose copper sulfate sprinkled onto raisins. Maybe someone else here has experience with the bolus.
The dosage is 1 gram per 22 pounds of body weight, but I just give my 50-60 lb minis the whole 4g bolus. I wouldn’t worry too much about overdosing since the copper releases slowly over time...
There are different views on whether to give it whole or feed it in a treat, I prefer to give it whole with a bolus gun.
I think the buckskin looks good but I would dose the other two.
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